Where to sleep while Travel Blogging? 12 hours left The Paradise Pack

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< < NOTE: This offer has now EXPIRED – I’ll write about next years The Paradise Pack offer when it goes on Sale again in 2016 > >

Where to sleep while Travel Blogging? 12 hours left The Paradise Pack

House Exchanges, House Sitting, Families Couches, Love Boat Cruises, Exclusive Hotels…

There are so many option abound when we travel as to where we may lay our weary heads.

These 5 beds, are going to be just some of the places I will sleep when I’m travelling and working oversea’s.

Where do you want to sleep while Travel Blogging or Working from Anywhere Overseas?

1. House Exchange

My parents are just awesome and I am in awe of the travel they have achieved over their lives.

They traveled multiple times overseas while we were kids, took us along with them on epic trips as Teenagers and have traveled extensively since they have retired and they are now into their early 70’s. (They are overseas again now for 5 months)

They also spent a whole two and a half years travelling whilst accommodating themselves in back to back “House Exchanges”!!!

Can you believe it, a whole whopping 30 months moving from place to place every month around Europe, England & USA.

So I have 2 great role models that will sing the praises of House Exchanges.  They have enough info, intel and experiences to write and book and they so should!

With Wellington being an perfect place for overseas visitors to centre themselves for travelling around in New Zealand and an apartment in the centre of the city it would make for easy exchanges.

House Exchanges

2. House Sitting

In New Zealand I have only House Sat around 4 times which worked out greatly both for the people I sat for and myself.  Fulfilling needs on both sides.

But I haven’t ever explored House Sitting as an option for Oversea’s travel, have you?

But it something that really interests me and so this is something I am very excited to explore from The Paradise Pack(*Affiliate) with Nat & Jodie sharing their wisdom with their House Sitting Academy.

As full time International House Sitters they will share with you all the ins and outs to get you started and on your way to explore the world while caring for other peoples homes.

House Sitting

3. Sleep on my families Couch

I have slept on many a couch in my lifetime and know I will sleep on many more yet.

I’m a little lucky having family and friends scattered around the world in London, Germany, Canada, Florida and New York.

So I know some of my travelling and working is going to take place sleeping on some of their couches across the globe.

I will attempt cook one of my small repertoire of dishes that actually taste good, play with the kids and earn my accommodation dues.

Then completely soak up the goodness you get from spending time with loads of people you love that you don’t get to see enough of.


4. Love Boat – Cruise

I grew up catching episodes here and there of The Love Boat and I LOVED it!

I so wanted to be Vicki who lived on the Pacific Princess with Captain Stubing and get to hang out with Julie and Isaac and see all the comings and goings of the people of the cruises.

But the places they sailed to captured me the most, with exotic sounding places like Acapulco, Santa Cruz, Puerto Vallarta & Cabo San Lucas.  Waking up in a new port every day is something that I love the sound of.

I have had friends that have ‘Cruised’ and they have raved about it.  One day, I’m going to go on one of those cruises and it’s going to be Love Boat inspired and it’s going to be awesome :-)

Even though I do get travel sick!


5. Fairmont – Lake Louise – Banff National Park…etc…

Imagine waking up in the picturesque location of Banff National Park and seeing this out your window!

I fell in love with it Banff after seeing it on a TV show one day and I remember my parents absolutely singing it’s praises.

The lake surrounded by the glorious mountains and glaciers and it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I want to immerse myself in loads of summer kayaking on the lake and hiking trails, Mountain Biking and Rafting and winter activities like Snowboarding, Ice Skating and flying over it in a Helicopter.

This is just one of the exclusive destinations and accommodations I want to awake in.

Winter view of The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Source


A few more worthy mentions of where I want to sleep…
…glamping in Spain
…in a Caravan on the English Seaside
…in a tent in France
…in a bure with a ocean floor in the Maldives
…under the stars in every country…

Where do you want to sleep while Travel Blogging or working from Anywhere Overseas?

If you think The Paradise Pack* resources might help get you there you still have just 12 hours to get it before it’ gone.

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Jason and Trav the guys that pull together all the amazing resources to go into The Paradise Pack has shared some Reviews with us.

I have posted these below so you can see what others are saying about it.


Hi Jason

If you want to travel more and have the ability to work from anywhere (even home) then The Paradise Pack has everything you need and more. But…

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Here is a sampling of what some people just like you have to say about The Paradise Pack so far.

Reviews from people about the tremendous value of The Paradise Pack

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“You’ve really put me in a bind now.

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Have already spent a full day getting a good first look at about half the pack.

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This could take a while.

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Thank you all so much! This may have been the most important purchase of my life!”

– Clark

Reviews from people using The Paradise Pack to save money on travel immediately

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“I have dived head first into the paradise pack. My first book I have read is Ultimate guide to travel hacking by Mathew Kapnes. I have already followed his advice on close looped spending and I am gaining loads of free flyer miles! I already have a trip planned for August all across Canada that I was not going to take but now that I have these extra miles laying around I decided to go for it.

I recently started doing the online courses from The House Sitter Academy and I am super stoked about the possibilities that house sitting provides.

Anyways just thought I would let you guys know how appreciative I am that you offer this package. I can safely say that it has changed my life for the better!!!”

– Grant


“Thanks so much for putting together all this valuable information! So far, I’ve really enjoyed learning about housesitting from Nat & Jodie. They make it very doable and practical for anyone. It has really helped me find the perfect way to live my personal long term travel goals while staying in homes with lovely pets and seriously cutting down on accommodation costs.”

Again, thank you!! –Mairéad

Reviews from people using The Paradise Pack to quit their jobs, earn money from anywhere and travel more

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“Just wanted to say I’m really happy with my purchase so far. One thing I learned so far is how to make money blogging. Before this it seemed like a mystery to me how others have done it. Thank you guys – you guys are awesome!”

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Reviews on just a few of the products in The Paradise Pack

“I’m cycling through Germany this summer so have dived straight into Benny Lewis’ super well written book, ‘Why German Is Easy.’ His language hacks and mindset tips are improving my confidence to speak with the little bit of German I know. He says, ‘Never let speaking imperfectly hold you back from trying.’ After all, you’ll be speaking with another human being who will understand that you’re learning.”



“I just purchased the Paradise Pack this last week, and I decided to dive into the Blog Brilliantly course first. It was a solid choice! It isn’t just an online course – you get immediate access into the Blog Brilliantly Facebook group where you are instantly connected with a couple hundred other people working towards the same goal as you, all there to help you hone your idea into a viable blog. From what I can tell so far, the people in the group are honest, helpful, and willing to have meaningful discussions about each other’s work.

That has been the best surprise of the Paradise Pack for me (thus far!) and I can’t wait to crack open the rest of the content. There’s so much to look forward to!”

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“I’ve begun the course with Tim Leffel’s ebook A Better Life for Half the Price, and am very impressed by the detailed info he provides about which countries are the cheapest and easiest for an American (or anyone) to relocate to. It’s also an interesting course in the basics of global economics, which is important to know, since relocating abroad involves much more than just finances. It’s even great info for anyone looking to just travel to amazing places where the U.S. dollar goes further. I’m eager to learn all I can from this course, and I’ll continue using it as a reference guide after completing it.”



“Through the Paradise Pack I have discovered there is a community of awesome people who think the way I do about travel. They all have a lot to teach me and the paradise pack is finally helping me to connect the dots towards my dream of long term travel!”



And these are just a few of the many emails we received!

You may have noticed how excited people are and how quickly they are taking advantage of the resources in the pack.

Are you ready to kick start you life in a new direction – one filled with as much travel as you desire and the ability to work from anywhere (even home)?

You can still get The Paradise Pack for a tiny bit longer – but on Sunday June 7th at 11:59pm Pacific (Monday June 8th 6.59pm New Zealand Time) it will be gone – FOREVER.

Yes, it will NEVER exist again, so don’t miss out!

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Jason & Trav

PS – 10% of your purchase goes to Pencils of Promise to build a school for kids in Guatemala – when you order The Paradise Pack you’ll also be giving back in a seriously awesome way:)

PPS – Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I find the house sitting/ house swap really interesting, I’ve never done it but I think I should look into it.

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Hi Amanda

      Fascinating isn’t it the idea of House Sitting and House Swapping!

      Some people that find out that my parents House Exchanged their fabulous place in Nelson for so long were horrified at the prospect that total strangers were in their house.
      But 99% of the time, by the time those people came to do their exchange they had struck up a firm friendship via email and phone confirming details and they encountered the most amazing people with every exchange. As remember all those people are in the same boat as you.
      They even had one couple who couldn’t go through with the exchange at the last minute (health) offer them their Holiday home instead which worked out even better for them.

      Totally avenues worth looking down to reduce the cost of your travel significantly – win win :-)

      Any plans to head overseas soon?


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