What makes you Happy? – International Day of Happiness

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I like Pina Coladas …

Getting caught in the rain …

I’m not much into health food …

I am into champagne …

In actual fact, I’ve never had a Pina Colada, I think I must try and have one soon 😉
But I dooo like a bit of Champagne!

The 20th March, today in the USA (yesterday in New Zealand) is known as the:

International Day of Happiness


So I ask you – What makes you Happy?  Maybe its…

… Singing Celine Dion in the Shower … Michael Flatley doing his thing … Gherkins with Peanut Butter … Cars in Ski’s … Wine Coolers?


I thought I would share some of the things that Make me Happy!   


•  Family & Good Friends

Pretty much my favourite thing in the world is hanging out with my Family and Good Friends…it can be even more epic if I can do lots of the things in my picture below with them too :-).

Unfortunately none of my family live in Wellington and I miss them terribly. But it makes our time spent with them all the more special and I cherish it so much.
This is where I feel most accepted, most free, most supported, most loved and very Happy.


•  My Daughter

Like all kids (teenagers), they can drive you nuts and at times make you unhappy with them too. But most of the time, spending time with my Daughter makes me Happy.

Seeing Miss 13’s eyes light up when she discovers something new…seeing her conquer something she has been working on…seeing her laugh crazily at the crazy thing I’ve just said or the silliness we are creating…hearing the chaos, laughter and feeling the positive energy radiate throughout the house when she’s hanging out with her friends at home…watching her indulge in her Passions in Dance & Sport…seeing her empathy towards others…she rocks.


•  Ice

I’m an ICE eater from wayyyyy back. “What people really do that” – Yup!

If we are somewhere getting takeaways… I say “fill her up with Ice thanks, hold the fizzy”.
At a bar, I hang on to my glass when I’m finished, as I’m not finished with the ‘Ice’.
I make it at home in the freezer and munch away on it in the morning and again in
the evening. If I’m really honest, I miss it and crave it during the day.
Yup, weird, but it makes me Happy.


•  Seeing Kids succeed and realise they can do it

How good is this!  Being a School Camp Parent so many times gave me many-many opportunities to see this play out year after year.

Seeing kids nervous, unsure, not confident about something and then through encouragement from their pairs, teachers, instructors or myself then do actually do the thing they were afraid of
… take that leap … step out … work it out … is completely and utterly an epic Happiness feeling.

I agonised through watching and encouraging a kid not being able to take that huge step off the platform one year at camp and I was so gutted for him … but the following year with a similar if not harder step to take he said “I didn’t jump last year, this year I AM”
… still took a while … but he DID and you should have heard the ROARRRR of the cheers from the other kids, the adults and from HIM! – Yup, there were tears :’-).

This is imperative to a child’s development and is so amazing to see play out in front of you.  They carry that forward with them and will be part of their memories they are making whether it be a small success or an epic success that pivoted them forward to try the next thing in life…
This makes me very Happy!

•  Fireworks

What’s not to love about Fireworks. Giant sparkly lights high up in the sky making tonnes of noise…truth be told it usually makes me cry too!






•  Seeing God move

This makes me Happy, seeing God move in someones life is awe inspiring and an incredible feeling. I’m happy for the person and for the situation, that I can see God in the centre of it, whatever it may be.


•  Surprising people

Oh my gosh…this makes me so happy.  Whether it is finding or making the ultimate perfect gift, the excitement of knowing you have nailed it and then seeing their reaction when they receive it – awesome.

Or my epic favourite way to surprise people, is in these sorts of ways…
Taking them to a Concert they didn’t know they were going to … Taking them to a big Stadium game they didn’t think they could get tickets to … Driving to School in the morning, then as your kid jumps out of the car, tell them she can hop back in as you have a surprise day planned for them out and about – no School today, you’ve already called the School and told them you will be away …Somehow by moving mountains, making it to the event in another city that the invitee was gutted you couldn’t initially make it to … Taking people for surprise holidays … Happy – Happy – Happy!


•  Calm early morning water & Spending the day by the water, Waterskiing

Growing up, I know that I was fortunate to be in a family that centred it’s holidays around Camping and Waterskiing in the amazing locations in and around the Aviemore and Benmore Lakes in the South Island.

Which ever body emerged first from their camp stretchers early in the morning, was charged with walking down to the waters edge to check conditions and report back to all Campers in our plot.
Us kids would leap out of bed as soon as we heard Dad say “Water’s calm – it’s like a mirror”.  The keen ones would whip on the togs, slip on the jandals and be out the awning door as quick as a flash (sans hair or teeth brushing).

Round the bays we would head, seeking out the best spot and set up for a days skiing.  It was always such a treat if you managed to get 1st ski of the day, as you usually had the most epic water of the day.

Mirrored water makes you Ski smoother, more fluidly and you would push yourself harder than you ever had before … I usually also wiped out dramatically somewhere near the end as I had pushed it too far … but in those minutes and moments before hand … priceless and would make me a very Happy Camper!




Benmore Dam spilling into Lake Aviemore



Soon after, the Mom’s and the other semi-keens would arrive with the Chillibins and the rest of the gear.
That was then us set for the day, Skiing, teaching people to Ski that joined us or popped in on there way past, others learning a new step like Jump Starting, Swimming, fetching fresh water from the middle of the lake and making up Raro.
Seeing the little kids and the adults succeed and progress in their skiing is an amazing feeling and their happiness is contagious.

Sometimes the water would come up rough at some point, you would see the wind and white caps coming across the lake.  You usually had just enough time to scramble, pack up your gear throw it in the boat and cars and skedaddle back to the campsite for Board Games.
Other days we would stay ALLLL day and the Moms would have to go back to campsite and bring more food or the bbq for dinner.

Now having a daughter myself, I jump at any opportunity to be able to give her the same type of days beside the water with our families and friends.  Fortunately she loves it as much as I do and Waterskiing also makes her happy – the smile goes from ear to ear.

These were and are endless days of summer all about family, friends, being on the water, outdoors, simple fun and make me very Happy!


Here’s what some of you said from Twitter:





What about you – I would love to hear, What makes you Happy?

Do you have any the same as mine above or from my pic … or are they really different?



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  1. Rachel says:

    I love surprising people too! If I see something small / cheap that I think my sister or mum would like, I buy it for them as a little gift. It always makes them smile, which makes me happy!

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Hi Rachel
      Love to hear that you love surprising people too! It is such great fun.
      Do your Mum & Sister know it makes you happy too?


  2. Nicola says:

    Love your happy list :-) Things that make me happy are my husband, family, friends, running, my animals, sleeping in in the weekend, a good cup of coffee… Lots of things :-) Great to find happiness in small everyday things.

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Hi Nicola
      Ohhhhh … your Happy list is a great one!
      Completely agree with the Sleeping :-)

      Did you find any new things that made you happy over the weekend?

      Love the sound of your Roast pumpkin, feta and kumara frittata recipe on your blog – yummo!

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