I walked in & scanned the room looking for that un-familiar face…

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I walked in and scanned the room looking for an un-familiar face… that might ‘seem’ familiar.

Someone that would maybe catch my gaze, as they too were also looking for an un-familiar face…

over-energetically-smiled at the person near the counter thinking “that could be them”, but with no ‘eye brow’ lift of wonder (you know, the universal sign for ‘are you them’) I figured it wasn’t them.

That one was a little OLDER than I was expecting anyway… 😉



I continued further in and found a seat near the corner, but facing the entry so I could each see each person as they came in.

Not knowing at all what they looked like was proving really difficult, in hindsight we should have arranged a “I’ll be wearing a red top” type identification system.

Every person that came in, I made eye contact with and then did the over-energetic-smile, but nothing yet.

I was happy to sit there, as I was early…as always.

But what surprised me was I had nervous butterflies in my stomach, like you get when you are meeting someone for the first time!

I found myself re-adjusting my dress, my scarf and picking invisible bits of fluff off my lap.  Then doing the dreaded “Wonder what they will think of me” internal dialogue, until I berated myself to “not over think this and just chill out”!

Finally, they walk in and my over-energetic-smile gets met with a friendly smile in return and the raised eye brow of acknowledgment.

Was this some hot new guy I was waiting on for a date? ….


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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m totally enthralled & want to hear more! A great piece of creative writing. Much enjoyed the moment of escapism. Thanks :-)

  2. oooh the suspense! Looking forward to part 2!

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Thanks Amanda :-)

      Initially didn’t intend to write it quite like that, but the post became mammoth in size so needed to be broken up and that’s just where it stopped!

  3. keryn2014 says:

    I be watching out for part two – thanks for making me smile.

  4. what fun looking forward to part 2

    • Wellington Chic says:

      :-) Thanks Madeleine, it was fun writing it…not so sure if it initially was fun at the time…?

      As I said in my reply to Sarah above, you may have to do in your future sometime too (if you haven’t had to already)!

  5. Kylie says:

    Waiting for part 2 ….. :)

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