The Bachelor NZ – Our Roses not Photoshopped

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Do you think our Roses missed out on getting the Photoshop treatment?

The American version of The Bachelor surely must Photoshop…CGI…or starch their near perfect Roses?

The Bachelor NZImage Sources as ref individually below

But what I liked about The Bachelor NZ roses is they looked real :-)

Different sizes, some tightly woven, some in fuller bloom, some petals wilting a little and some even looking a little squished at the bottom of the pile.

It’s how I think of the awesome women of New Zealand, all of us so different from each other, but all still beautiful.

the bachelor rosesAmerican Roses – Source

the bachelor nz rosesNew Zealand Roses – Source

A while ago, I would never have admitted to anyone that I liked watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette American TV show…but I seriously do.

The excitement of meeting someone new, dating, falling in love, a sprinkling of sensational dates in equally stunning locations…what’s not to enjoy!

Yes, I know, reality tv, drama, producers produce the tv outcome…ehhh so what, it’s entertaining.

Yes I know it’s not rocket science…but I like happy endings…and middles…and beginnings for that matter too.

I hoped that The Bachelor NZ would make a good job of reproducing it here.

Have to say I’m pleasantly surprised so far :-)

Being a sucker for twinkly fairy lights so maybe I’m blinded by them, but I think the production of the show has been done well.  It doesn’t look like it’s been done with No. 8 wire and a camcorder in Aunty Annie’s backyard.

fairy lightsSource

I love that they have a super quirky mix of women in the house that have such varied jobs, interests and talents.  Love that there is Acordian players, Rugby playing Dancers, Mum’s, Iron Man’ers and more that I lost track of.

Arthur Green – I like him…from what we have seen he comes across down to earth, genuine and loves his family.

He has 6 fabulous sisters so whats not to love about that!

He could pull off being Ido Drent’s voice double and he is rocking some really nice hands too… (that observation was way before he did his one handed clap thing! – weird!)

Art is younger than I thought they would cast at 26, but he’s pulling off 26 well and seems to genuinely know what he is looking for at this stage of his life.

Is it weird that I have never heard the name Arthur shortened to Art!  I think it’s kinda awesome.

The Paradise Pack work from anywhere

To the fabulous Women of the Show

I like sooo many of them.

Those that made the most impression on me were:

• Natasha
• Kristie K

Lisa (I remember liking her as the Wildcard on MoreFm)
• Michelle was funny

I think it’s great that Rosie was honest and knew it wasn’t for her and made her exit.

Being swayed easily by gorgeous sparkly things, there were some sensational dresses sashaying along the red carpet tonight.

Danielle rocking that super cute Red cross layered short dress.

Natalie’s gorgeous Navy dress that suited her so well with the subtle sheer crossovers, flowing skirt and diamond cut out back.

Amanda’s stunning sparkly Blue dress was just that, stunning.

Danielle. L The Bachelor NZ

danielle l dress lucy tulip dress

Shop the Look – Danielle L was wearing the Forcast – Lucy Tulip Dress, available here at The Iconic (*Affiliate link) AU$89.95

Natalie The Bachelor NZSource

Amanda The Bachelor NZSource

My biggest concern of the whole night…

…The trip hazards in the Rose Ceremony!

Now that’s the Mom and Health & Safety rep for my work coming out in me 😉

Multiple rugs overlapping and a red carpet on top…and candles on the edges!

Just look at that hooked up edge near the middle bottom of the photo…It’s just asking for a high heeled toe to snag it and down she goes…I wonder what burning roses smell like?

The Bachelor NZ RugsSource

I’m just itching to straighten it.

So I’m looking forward to next week.

Did you watch?
Did you find any other 😉 health and safety issues?
Will you be tuning in again?

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 My favourite Tweets of the night:

NB: Image sources are all screenshots of The Bachelor NZ on demand which can be viewed here

Follow all The Bachelor NZ tweets here via the hashtag #TheBachelorNZ


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