The Bachelor NZ Farts are Funny

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• Old School Sea Planes  • Farts  • Super Marble crashes  • Waiter summoning  • Stubble talking and even more Rugs!

The Bachelor NZ – Wednesday night

Any guy can take you on a date on a Helicopter…but how much cooler is it to go #OldSchool and get to your date in a Sea Plane!

the bachelor nz sea planeImage Sources as ref individually below

So pleased that Art picked Poppy to go on the 1st date, especially after Poppy was recorded saying she would be “…so jealous of the girl that gets to go on the 1st date…” and it was her anyway :-)

Art and Poppy’s first date (and first date of the Season) was a nice gentle way to ease into things.

the bachelor nz sea plane  the bachelor nz sea plane  the bachelor nz sea plane

A true Kiwi Date of Kayaking, lounging on the Beach, Skimming Stones and hunting in Rock Polls.  Sure not glamorous or High end, but in all honesty a cool day out just hanging out.

Part way through the date as Poppy is walking up to sit down beside him she lets out a squeaky FART or two!

This was pure Gold!

Who knew that on The Bachelor NZ Farts are appreciated :-)

Love-love-loved it, love then how she owned it, how casual she was about it and had a laugh at herself.  Art took it completely in his stride and found it funny.

Farts are always funny!

the bachelor nz fartsSource

After last nights whirlwind of Evening Dresses, Cocktail parties and intense Rugs it was really nice seeing the Women more relaxed today, more casually dressed and overall seeming more natural.

The group date saw a plethora or colour, Race day outfits and floppy hats…so I was truly delighted to see they were then going to get thrown about in a Jet Boat and get their hair messed up a bit.

Anyone who has been on a Donut before with their brothers driving knows you can have some spectacular crashes on these things!  They can leave your head ricocheting for days and your body feel like its been through the tumble dryer.  But they are also a whole lotta fun.

This Super Marble inflatable was going pretty fast with Danielle. L and Crystal in it, but I’m also kinda glad they were wiped out as that is also 1/2 of the fun :-)

the bachelor nz date cardSource

I missed most of Dani’s one on one time on the Jetski with Art, but from the jist of things afterwards it seemed like it must have gone fairly well.

After playtime on the Launch while they were having a few drinks Kristie K took a risk by ‘summoning’ Art like a Waiter…while he was in mid conversation from across the deck to refill her glass.

Some guys might take this as confidence and messing around…but I didn’t get the feeling it went down to well.

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Art’s Stubble did the talking and came out for the first time at the Cocktail party before the Rose ceremony tonight and I for one will admit I appreciated its appearance 😉

Cue one super awkward interruption by Natalie, who I felt so bad for, as I really like her and I think she is so genuine and wouldn’t have intentionally interrupted at that time.

I’m sure I spotted even MORE rugs in the picture at the Rose ceremony!  Come on, how can you walk in heels on all those layers?

the bachelor nz rose ceremonySource

Natasha, I was sad to see you go, as I liked you alot.

Loved the top part of Danielle. L dress she looked stunning in it and it really suited her.

danielle l dress new bloom maxi dress  danielle l dress new bloom maxi dress

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Both Miss 14 and I loved Poppy’s whole look for the ceremony of the slicked hair and ponytail together with her outfit.

the bachelor nz poppySource

What did you think of The Bachelor NZ tonight?

Have you ever Farted on a 1st date or done something super embarrassing?


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My favourite #TheBachelorNZ tweets tonight:



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