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12 Signs you’re a Draft Blogger

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12 signs you’re a Draft Blogger

12 signs you’re a Draft Blogger:

draft bloggerHow many Draft’s do you have in your WordPress draft folder?

…or in Evernote?…
…or in Word?…
…or hand scribbled in a Notebook?

< 10… < 50… > 75…

If you have > 75 Draft Posts wallowing in your Draft folder…you may just be a Draft Blogger (like me).

See how many of the 12 signs you’re a Draft Blogger that you identify with:


1. You’ve never been a ‘Consistent Blogger’.

Your blogs homepage either see’s a Feast or Famine!

Blog writer’s fall somewhere between:

  • a Barbara Cartland type Blogger (722 novels) knocking out published blogs consistently left right and centre type poster, minus all the pink and jewels.
  • an Emily Dickinson type Blogger (1,800 poems,<12 published were while she was alive) a quiet reclusive writer who produces the odd bit of brilliance, then nothing for yonks type poster while beetling away on more draft goodness behind the scenes.
    You publish 5 things 5 days in a row and then nothing for 3, 5 or 21 weeks.
    Preferring to only hit publish when you are 100% happy with what has played out on the page.

If you identify with Emily Dickinson style of publishing, but in the ’15’s not the mid 1800’s, you may just be a Draft Blogger.


draft blogger draft blogger
Bab’s & Em’s

2. You’ve turned OFF the ‘Post Calendar Widget’ from your sidebar (or at least moved it down the page). 

When you first started your blog and were adding useful widgets, you added the ‘Post Calendar Widget’ that show’s readers your posts per month…cause that looked kinda cool in the beginning.

But after a while you got rather embarrassed when you would have one month showing 15 posts and the next month showing Zero and the next month also showing Zero!

You have changed that widget over to now show ‘Top Posts’ instead 😉 and shoved the Calendar one further down the page.

It makes you feel much better about yourself celebrating your most read and interacted posts, rather than that ill-fated ZERO posts rubbish, you don’t need to see!


draft blogger calendar widget


3. You don’t have a ‘Publishing Schedule’.

You admire and maybe even have a wee writing crush on all of these ‘uber bloggers’ who publish Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s and every second Sunday…

But, hey it’s not you.

Schedule – smedule you say – who needs one of those!

You have a gorgeous Blog diary or Blog Calendar or maybe even both – yes!

It’s beautiful and lovely and trendy and all bloggy-fied awesome.

…But you have found you use it more for ‘reflecting’ on the month been (all pensive and thought-provoking with a pen in your mouth staring wistfully out the window while you contemplate filling it in retrospectively), rather than using it as a foresight of what’s to come.

You write on it AFTER the month has finished, some things you actually ‘have’ done in amongst things you haven’t, so then you can satisfactory cross things off on it and feel all accomplished like!

So that you can still class yourself as a ‘real blogger’ as you did some blog work still at least ‘behind the scenes’ like moved a widget or clicked ‘update on your wordpress plugins… whoop whoop, I’m fine tuning.

It’s a real thing baby – creating a list, just so you can cross things off!

Rather than a To Do List…

It’s a Blogging To DoNe List 😉

My Do’s and Done’s.



4. You have turned OFF the Date feature.

You, yourself like to know how old a blog post is when you read someone else’s blog, but you have turned that feature off on your own blog so it doesn’t ‘read as bad’.

Much like the Calendar feature above, who needs this negativity in their life.

Lets just celebrate having published words on a page, not ‘how long it’s been on the front page’.

Yesterday’s new’s is not today’s Fish and Chip Paper…it’s still today’s news!

You figure it’s part of your blogging charm, you like to keep people guessing and shroud your writing in mystery.


5. You totally go M.I.A from the Blogosphere & Social Media, as Parenting, Family and Life take over.

…You haven’t felt compelled to instagram anything…but you still look.

…Your Facebook timeline has stayed stagnant…but you have still read.

…You haven’t felt the need to Tweet squat…but have still scrolled.

…BUT your draft posts have just been accumulating 10 fold!

If you are like me, I have been M.I.A from the blogosphere and Social Media!  I haven’t been publishing anything…anywhere at all over this past 8 weeks ;-)…

I’ve gone rogue within my own Blogging life, but will reappear when you think all hope is lost with a Friends Meme and a post of Why Draft Blogger’s are cool.


draft blogger friends pivot


6. You create a ‘Bluffing Post’ of your favourite Meme’s.

Not to be confused with a buffing post!  Where you write about Karate Kid waxing stuff.

You had nothing to hit publish on quite yet, but you have seen some rocking good Meme’s lately, so you feel compelled to at least share this knowledge with the world and create a ‘bluffing post’ of your favourite Meme’s – See case in point, mine 8 weeks ago.

Thinking it will fulfill a gap in your writing.

Nope it doesn’t, but it provides a few cheap laughs, which we all love, so you get away with it – for now.


draft blogger


7. You sometimes vaguely aspire to post x2 a week…but meh…it rarely happens.

In your head, you punch out 6 articles a week, but barely get a chance to get any of it our onto a keyboard.

If only your brain could be like an old electronic typewriter, where you could type it all into the memory in your brain and then at the end of the day when you get home hit ENTER and it would all type out onto a page for you super fast.

Gosh I loved that feature, I remember pretending to type as it did this and feeling like I was typing 80 words per minute – I’m on fire, take that Pitman’s Tying!

Number of boyfriends newly published Blog Posts: ZERO


draft blogger


[Useless Sidenote about Pitman’s:
I just found my old Pitman’s certificates the other day, I liked typing, but little did I confess at the time, I really only took the subject as it was a chance that there might be Boy’s in our class from our brother School…there was, but they were 2 ‘dorks’ that I wasn’t interested in, but in the parallel class to us, there was 1 dork and 1 cute one, and later on said 1 cute one from the other class just happened to become my boyfriend, who later on also confessed he only took typing because he would be in a class with girls!
– “Pitman’s Typing – Bringing High School Crush’s together since ages ago”]


8. Creating your own Deadline = a slap with a feather.

If you write for other people’s’ Blog’s (like this awesome site), Collaborative Sites or for other Publishing platform’s where they give you a deadline, you meet it ever-single-time.

Without fail, you work like crazy to get those words out onto a page, edited to within an inch of its life and zipped out of your email with plenty of time to spare.

But try and set a Deadline for yourselfit means squat…get that wet bus ticket out!

You have not accountability to yourself.

Your self-inflicted blog deadlines mean diddly squat!

You can justify it to yourself til the Cow’s come home all the reason’s why you didn’t meet your self-inflicted Blog Deadline.


9. Snippets everywhere.

You can have 7 post idea’s and 6 paragraphs written on just one leg of your daily commute.

Another 4 on the Toilet and another 3 while trying to sleep.

Your head edit’s, rearranges sentences and fire’s out words left right and centre, and they have got to go somewhere.

Sometimes you pull over on the side of the road and make notes… and occasionally as needs must at a ‘long set of lights’.

At the end of the week you have 17 posts scattered throughout your life

In the back of WordPress, in your phone, in Word, in notebooks, on backs of receipts, on the back of your hand and up your arm when you run out of space.

Hey, I even wrote on a cereal carton the other day and them promptly threw it out by mistake!

draft blogger


10. Editing is NOT your fortay!

You absolutely rock out an amazing bunch of insight, hindsight, foresight…hey any type of ‘sight’ onto a page and you know there is GOLD in them-there-words

…but then no matter what you do to them, it just doesn’t flow, it doesn’t read right, you wonder “what is my conclusion?”, “where am I taking it?”…you spend hours on editing and it’s 95% there but then don’t take it anywhere in the end.

Editing takes you forever!

You never have to ‘pad’, you always have to extract.

You know editing is good for you, but you don’t like it…

Editing…it’s like Spinach, Fish Oil & Running up Hills.

Is kinda gross and kinda sucks.

draft blogger


11. You start 4 new posts, while you were trying to writing just 1.

You are cheerily writing away, totally engrossed in one subject.

But then, some snippet, one word, one flash of an image in your mind and it’s off…you have to capture it before it’s gone, so you start another draft blog in your browser in a 2nd tab.

You type that one word or a sentence of an idea, but it doesn’t stop there.  The next thing you know, you have written 10 bullet points and 452 words into another draft post.  You hit save and leave it open incase another thought pops in, but thinking, I must get back to my ‘main’ post.

You head back to your main post and tap away happily for a while and whammo, another idea comes in, repeat the step above.
You now have your ‘main’ post and 2 new draft post browsers tabs open.

By the time you have finished this writing session you have another 4 draft blogs posts tabs along side it with a whole lot of gold in it, and still haven’t finished the ‘main’ one you are in.

[Confession: I have started 5½ other draft blogs with a good 400+ words in each, just writing this piece alone and have added another 3 title idea’s to my list.]


12. You write about 32½ different draft Posts for every post that you ‘actually’ publish.

You love to write a good draft.

You are so good at Draft Writing, your archives are full of them.

If anyone ever needs a Draft Blog, you have them in spades.

If a Draft Blog is what alien’s feed on and you could save America from all the Alien’s one day, then you would be able to give one to:

Will Smith
Tommy Lee Jones
Tom Cruise
Emily Blunt
the cast from Cocoon
little dude from ET
Sigourney Weaver

…and everyone else who has ever made a movie about saving the earth from Alien’s.




How many Draft’s do you have lurking in your Archives?

Just how many ‘DRAFT’S’ do I have in the back of my Word Press right now?


263 !!!draft blogger



Yup…not 16, not 26…but 263.

That’s not counting Evernote, my iphone Notes, Word, Voice Recorder App, rouge Cereal Box’s or washed arm’s!

Are you a Draft Blogger?
Or do you like your Post folder to be organised and tidy?
How do you write?
What did I miss, what other signs are there you are a Draft Blogger?



Needing a Running Deadline to get you out the door?

Next Event: Sunday, 8 November 2015

I wrote about our last Mud Run here.  Maybe you feel like setting yourself a deadline and flinging yourself into some Mud :-)

Mud…mud…glorious mud
– Brookfield Butt Busta Mud race



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