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Is your #NZBloggers Favourite part of NZ the same as mine?

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Is your #NZBloggers Favourite part of NZ the same as mine?
#NZBloggers Favourite part of NZ #BlogGreatness

You hear the slightest splish as you paddle enters the water and draws backwards to propel you further along the lake…

So far I’m the only Paddleboarder on the lake…but I soon won’t be…

It’s quiet, but not too quiet…

6.30am and the sun is just starting to peak over the snow sprinkled hills…

This is my favourite part of New Zealand…both in Summer & in Winter!

Favourite part of New Zealand #NZBloggers

It’ a place where you can do crazy-ass adventure sports you didn’t know existed, Snowboard down the street, walk into the supermarket in your togs and they would still be just looked upon as togs…not undies, Waterski almost from your front door, Paddleboard from one side of the lake to the other, Mountain Bike a new track everyday for 2 months, Ski at World Class Ski fields and with World Class Skiers, go Deep Canyoning down rock faces that make you nearly pee your pants, shoot Guns, get lost, leap off bridges and bounce back, abseil down rock faces just on the side of the road and SUP alongside your dog all before 9am!

You can also do absolutely nothing but lay on the beach, on the grass, under an umbrella, under a tree, on the raft (requires effort to get there), on a lilo or whatever other lazy-ass non-endeavor takes your fancy!

Here are my:

Top 10 reasons THIS is my Favourite part of NZ

❤ Biology

I love my family…being with them, totally fills my tank.  Not my shark tank, my heart tank!

I now have quite a few nieces and nephews and they just make our extended family time even more awesome.

Most of my time spent in my favourite place revolves somehow around family.  We have either gone their with family and friends or are hanging out with our family that lives there.

My family also loves it here too, so makes us all a pretty happy bunch there together and not a shark tank in sight.

Rope Swing Lake Wanaka

❤ Them ‘feels’

I remember reading a long time ago, how that memories of places are more about how it made us feel when we were there, or while we were doing it…rather than the actual event or place itself.

So even though it’s stunning here its an awesome place and we have tones of fun…it’s so much more about how I feel inside when I’m driving through the countryside towards its and how I feel when I am actually there.

I’m not sure if it’s because so often I am joining up with lots of the people I love dearly there and have such a great time with them and it fills my heart.  Or because the place is so often associated with Holidays and fun things.
Or because so many of our awesome experiences have been there.

But all of it goes with how I feel there – love – elated – fulfilled – happy – relaxed – greatful – blessed – adventurous – one with nature – excited – peaceful.

❤ Photogenic – much?

I dare you to resist the urge to click the trigger on your camera.

It’s one of THE most photographic locations not just in the New Zealand, but in the world and you will have taken one before you even know it.

Photographers come from all over the world to shoot the lake, the snow capped mountains, it’s people and the adventurous pursuits abound.

They even recently had New Zealand’s first #instameet, you can read about Young Adventuress Hosting it with Lake Wanaka Tourism on her Blog. (TVNZ video)

Some years I take up to 500 photo’s during our holidays there, some years I just soak it in and hardly take any trying more to just live in the moment (see this fab post from Simon Darby about this).

So many angles, autumn colours, breathtakingly tall trees along the water front, winding paths, epic peaks, crazy loveable locals, sparkly water, glistening snow, #thewanakatree, crazy old bach’s, stunning new houses, weddings to peak on from afar, your latest adventure, the ladybird crawling up your arm as you lay on the grass…

Favourite part of New Zealand #NZBloggersHmmm…I may have over filtered the blue a bit on this one  😉 

❤ Breath in & Out

This place just makes me feel good.

It makes my heart sing.

It makes me breath in and out especially when I feel like I have just been breathing just ‘in’ too much lately.

It makes me find my calm.

It makes me thank God for the beauty he has created here.

I spent a long weekend down their in winter last year (without Miss 15).
I was there for a family event and just got to 100% do my own thing and not be a parent at all.
We had the most spectacular weather.  The mountains were covered in snow, but the days were clear blue skies and sunny.

I spent one afternoon taking the longest-longest meander all around the lake track taking a million photos along the way (so much so, I flattened my iphone completely and my camera card was full!).
Stopping at different points and just really looking at all the tiny goings on on the lake, the stunning surroundings and the little things…I lay on the grass and just watched the sky and soaked it in.

So much so, my family thought something might have happened and was just sending out a search party when I came walking back along the road – whoops, sorry!

❤ The White stuff that goes ‘shush’

With some of the best Ski Fields in New Zealand on it’s doorstep, this is the place to go for Snow Skiing and Snow Boarding.

I have had the most memorable days one of it’s Ski Field and have loved teaching Miss 15 to ski there at 5 years old.  The white stuff (snow) truly does go shush and sometimes even squeaks when you are the first one to slowly cut tracks first thing in the morning.

You should see this town in the snow…it’s something out of a fairy tale. (Must find some more Winter pics to upload)

The town is scattered with many-many place to pop into on your way home from a long day up on the mountain to sit in front of a roaring fire, grab a beer and some delicious food.

Just imagine this little village, snow right down to the lake edge and sparkling all around.

Favourite part of New Zealand Wanaka

❤ The Wet Stuff that goes ‘splash’

It’s not the calmest lake in New Zealand and sometimes you can go days and a time with non skiing weather.

But when it’s a beaut, it’s a beaut.

There are so many bays and nooks and crannies and islands to plant yourself on for the day and Water ski your little hearts out.

I have had some of my very best Water Skiing days in my life on this lake.

I have also had some of my worst, like trying to get up on the Wakeboard to no avail except a 5 second stand, so there was a lot of wet stuff going splash that day.

Favourite part of Wanaka New Zealand

❤ You can make Raro

Annnnndddd….its LAKE water, that’s right, no salt water, it’s the best.

Yup, can be a little fresh when you first jump in, but it’s totally worth it.

None of this feeling sticky and salty coming back in from a swim. I tried to explain it on my last day there at Christmas, but I like the way my hair and skin feel after skiing on the lake.  It’s like everything feels fresher.

I mean you can drink the stuff.

When you are miles away from a tap and you have run out of liquids.  Do what we used to do in the old days…

Whiz the boat out about 50m off shore, scoop up 2 litre Tupperware juice container of water and pour in the raro!  Gave all of us kids a sugar hit to let us keep skiing all afternoon too.

There are also natural springs around the town and lake.

Cardona Hotel Wanaka

❤ Hyper or a Bum

Some of our holidays are super hyper active and there isn’t much downtime between adventures both Summer and Winter.

Sometimes they are super cruisey and much time is spent lazying around under a tree, by the lake, at the camp, with our families and just shooting the breeze.

That’s what I love, is you can make it as active or as cruisey as you like.

Last Summer we did exactly that.

Punctuated our days with lay lazy then active active then lazy active then lazy active active etc… best of both worlds.

❤ Tow Truck Drivers & Peeps seriously rock

Ok, the peeps kinda rock!

My family are there and yes, they seriously rock.

Their friends are all super cool and are from such a vast diversity all 6471 (population) of them.

Everyone I meet there has a different way of viewing the world and are all into such different things.

My car broke down on our last trip, IN the infamous ‘New World Car Park’, right in the prime centre front spot!
This awesome Roadside Rescue guy turns up and it’s a long story, but I ended up driving the tow truck!

Then he drives me all the way back home too like it was no trouble at all like all great small towns.

Favourite part of New Zealand Wanaka

❤ 70 year old Italian-style ice cream from Tuscany

Peanut Butter & Pavlova…

Coke & Candyfloss…

Boysenberry & Central Otago Apricots

Cointrieu Orange & Ferrero Rocher

Creme Caramel & Maltesers

Have I said enough yet?

Black Peak Gelato mix around 50+ different flavours onsite and each day you go in (yes sometimes everyday) they will have chosen different ones up on the board for today.

They are so damn good!  Once you have one, you will always go back – even in Winter!

Have you guessed where my Favourite part in NZ is yet?

If you have guessed Wanaka you would be dead right.

I can’t get enough of this place.

Hope I get to spend some time again there this Summer (& maybe some Winter 😉 )

Have you been?
What did you think?
What’s your favourite thing to do there?
What’s your favourite part in New Zealand?

Favourtie place in New Zealand Wanaka #NZBloggers
#NZBloggers Favourite part of NZ – Wanaka, Central Otago.

I have written about my love for Wanaka on my Blog many times, you can read more post that feature Wanaka below:

• Summer Time Bucket Lists – What we ticked off in 2013/14

• The South Island sure does have my heart

• Laser Eye Surgery – The most Epic day with my New Eyes! (in Wanaka)

• SUP – Stand Up Paddleboarding on Lake Wanaka

Summer Time Bucket Summer Time Bucket List Lake WanakaList Lake Wanaka


Join the #NZBloggers linky here:
Read more fabulous posts about other’s Favourite parts of NZ…& discover some awesome new blogs :-)


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Where to sleep while Travel Blogging? 12 hours left The Paradise Pack

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< < NOTE: This offer has now EXPIRED – I’ll write about next years The Paradise Pack offer when it goes on Sale again in 2016 > >

Where to sleep while Travel Blogging? 12 hours left The Paradise Pack

House Exchanges, House Sitting, Families Couches, Love Boat Cruises, Exclusive Hotels…

There are so many option abound when we travel as to where we may lay our weary heads.

These 5 beds, are going to be just some of the places I will sleep when I’m travelling and working oversea’s.

Where do you want to sleep while Travel Blogging or Working from Anywhere Overseas?

1. House Exchange

My parents are just awesome and I am in awe of the travel they have achieved over their lives.

They traveled multiple times overseas while we were kids, took us along with them on epic trips as Teenagers and have traveled extensively since they have retired and they are now into their early 70’s. (They are overseas again now for 5 months)

They also spent a whole two and a half years travelling whilst accommodating themselves in back to back “House Exchanges”!!!

Can you believe it, a whole whopping 30 months moving from place to place every month around Europe, England & USA.

So I have 2 great role models that will sing the praises of House Exchanges.  They have enough info, intel and experiences to write and book and they so should!

With Wellington being an perfect place for overseas visitors to centre themselves for travelling around in New Zealand and an apartment in the centre of the city it would make for easy exchanges.

House Exchanges

2. House Sitting

In New Zealand I have only House Sat around 4 times which worked out greatly both for the people I sat for and myself.  Fulfilling needs on both sides.

But I haven’t ever explored House Sitting as an option for Oversea’s travel, have you?

But it something that really interests me and so this is something I am very excited to explore from The Paradise Pack(*Affiliate) with Nat & Jodie sharing their wisdom with their House Sitting Academy.

As full time International House Sitters they will share with you all the ins and outs to get you started and on your way to explore the world while caring for other peoples homes.

House Sitting

3. Sleep on my families Couch

I have slept on many a couch in my lifetime and know I will sleep on many more yet.

I’m a little lucky having family and friends scattered around the world in London, Germany, Canada, Florida and New York.

So I know some of my travelling and working is going to take place sleeping on some of their couches across the globe.

I will attempt cook one of my small repertoire of dishes that actually taste good, play with the kids and earn my accommodation dues.

Then completely soak up the goodness you get from spending time with loads of people you love that you don’t get to see enough of.


4. Love Boat – Cruise

I grew up catching episodes here and there of The Love Boat and I LOVED it!

I so wanted to be Vicki who lived on the Pacific Princess with Captain Stubing and get to hang out with Julie and Isaac and see all the comings and goings of the people of the cruises.

But the places they sailed to captured me the most, with exotic sounding places like Acapulco, Santa Cruz, Puerto Vallarta & Cabo San Lucas.  Waking up in a new port every day is something that I love the sound of.

I have had friends that have ‘Cruised’ and they have raved about it.  One day, I’m going to go on one of those cruises and it’s going to be Love Boat inspired and it’s going to be awesome :-)

Even though I do get travel sick!


5. Fairmont – Lake Louise – Banff National Park…etc…

Imagine waking up in the picturesque location of Banff National Park and seeing this out your window!

I fell in love with it Banff after seeing it on a TV show one day and I remember my parents absolutely singing it’s praises.

The lake surrounded by the glorious mountains and glaciers and it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I want to immerse myself in loads of summer kayaking on the lake and hiking trails, Mountain Biking and Rafting and winter activities like Snowboarding, Ice Skating and flying over it in a Helicopter.

This is just one of the exclusive destinations and accommodations I want to awake in.

Winter view of The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Source


A few more worthy mentions of where I want to sleep…
…glamping in Spain
…in a Caravan on the English Seaside
…in a tent in France
…in a bure with a ocean floor in the Maldives
…under the stars in every country…

Where do you want to sleep while Travel Blogging or working from Anywhere Overseas?

If you think The Paradise Pack* resources might help get you there you still have just 12 hours to get it before it’ gone.

Full list of contents are listed in this post here.

20 world Class resources worth $2000 for $197.
Expires Sunday June 7th at 11:59pm PST (Mon June 8th 6.59pm New Zealand Time)

Buy it here now before it’s too late The Paradise Pack*

*This is an affiliate link.  If you click on it (& purchase this awesome pack) I will receive a commission (no extra cost to you, you’re just outright saving money here honey).  Which will help me buy more resources in future!

Jason and Trav the guys that pull together all the amazing resources to go into The Paradise Pack has shared some Reviews with us.

I have posted these below so you can see what others are saying about it.


Hi Jason

If you want to travel more and have the ability to work from anywhere (even home) then The Paradise Pack has everything you need and more. But…

Don’t listen to us!

Anytime you buy something it helps to read the ‘reviews’ and hear what others have to say about it. Right?

We have been flooded with emails from people who purchased The Paradise Pack.

It’s been insane to hear how much it is already changing lives and helping people.

We thought we’d share some of these with you today – unfiltered and unedited.

Here is a sampling of what some people just like you have to say about The Paradise Pack so far.

Reviews from people about the tremendous value of The Paradise Pack

“Oh my gosh! This email was such an amazing surprise!! Upon unzipping my Paradise Pack, I felt slightly overwhelmed by the AMOUNT of HIGH-QUALITY contents. Wanting to delve and have a look into EVERYTHING, my eyes were guided to Blog Brilliantly by Christine Gilbert.

I feel that by getting my website/blog running like a machine will be a launch pad for me to create the life that I desire ~ a life of FREEDOM!

What is pretty awesome is that alone, this blogging course would have cost me $249.00. I feel like I’ve already been almost paid back by the Paradise Pack. If I would have picked select courses through other sites, I could have easily rolled myself a hefty bill. The Paradise Pack is a fantastic money saver.”

– Patty


“You’ve really put me in a bind now.

I’m going to need to take at *least* a year off in order to get through all the goodies in the pack and be ready for the next one.

Have already spent a full day getting a good first look at about half the pack.

Each awesome product keeps leading me down new learning rabbit holes, and presenting yet more bonus materials and community members to meet than I could ever have imagined.

This could take a while.

I can’t really imagine anything more useful to get the creative juices flowing, the inspiration going, and the practical tools in hand to make dreams real.”

– Kali


“As a student on a small budget, I think the most important thing I learned was that I had just wisely invested what little money I have! It’s a worthwhile purchase even if you only actually use one thing in the entire package! Also, just having access to these materials gives me a huge confidence boost towards attempting to make money online and achieving my dream of permanent travel!

Thank you all so much! This may have been the most important purchase of my life!”

– Clark

Reviews from people using The Paradise Pack to save money on travel immediately

“The Paradise Pack taught me how to rack up hundreds of thousands of rewards points by meeting multiple credit card minimum spend requirements without actually spending any money. And it’s totally legal! Free flight to Thailand – here I come!”

– Sonja


“I have dived head first into the paradise pack. My first book I have read is Ultimate guide to travel hacking by Mathew Kapnes. I have already followed his advice on close looped spending and I am gaining loads of free flyer miles! I already have a trip planned for August all across Canada that I was not going to take but now that I have these extra miles laying around I decided to go for it.

I recently started doing the online courses from The House Sitter Academy and I am super stoked about the possibilities that house sitting provides.

Anyways just thought I would let you guys know how appreciative I am that you offer this package. I can safely say that it has changed my life for the better!!!”

– Grant


“Thanks so much for putting together all this valuable information! So far, I’ve really enjoyed learning about housesitting from Nat & Jodie. They make it very doable and practical for anyone. It has really helped me find the perfect way to live my personal long term travel goals while staying in homes with lovely pets and seriously cutting down on accommodation costs.”

Again, thank you!! –Mairéad

Reviews from people using The Paradise Pack to quit their jobs, earn money from anywhere and travel more

“Thanks for the opportunity. Within 1 day, I’ve already learned the importance of and begun developing an editorial calendar for my blog to plan more longer-term. I realize how much I have to do, and I get excited to come home from my 9-5 to learn from the Paradise Pack and implement suggestions in real-time”

– Elaine


“Just wanted to say I’m really happy with my purchase so far. One thing I learned so far is how to make money blogging. Before this it seemed like a mystery to me how others have done it. Thank you guys – you guys are awesome!”

– Jen


Reviews on just a few of the products in The Paradise Pack

“I’m cycling through Germany this summer so have dived straight into Benny Lewis’ super well written book, ‘Why German Is Easy.’ His language hacks and mindset tips are improving my confidence to speak with the little bit of German I know. He says, ‘Never let speaking imperfectly hold you back from trying.’ After all, you’ll be speaking with another human being who will understand that you’re learning.”



“I just purchased the Paradise Pack this last week, and I decided to dive into the Blog Brilliantly course first. It was a solid choice! It isn’t just an online course – you get immediate access into the Blog Brilliantly Facebook group where you are instantly connected with a couple hundred other people working towards the same goal as you, all there to help you hone your idea into a viable blog. From what I can tell so far, the people in the group are honest, helpful, and willing to have meaningful discussions about each other’s work.

That has been the best surprise of the Paradise Pack for me (thus far!) and I can’t wait to crack open the rest of the content. There’s so much to look forward to!”

Cheers and thank you!


“I’ve begun the course with Tim Leffel’s ebook A Better Life for Half the Price, and am very impressed by the detailed info he provides about which countries are the cheapest and easiest for an American (or anyone) to relocate to. It’s also an interesting course in the basics of global economics, which is important to know, since relocating abroad involves much more than just finances. It’s even great info for anyone looking to just travel to amazing places where the U.S. dollar goes further. I’m eager to learn all I can from this course, and I’ll continue using it as a reference guide after completing it.”



“Through the Paradise Pack I have discovered there is a community of awesome people who think the way I do about travel. They all have a lot to teach me and the paradise pack is finally helping me to connect the dots towards my dream of long term travel!”



And these are just a few of the many emails we received!

You may have noticed how excited people are and how quickly they are taking advantage of the resources in the pack.

Are you ready to kick start you life in a new direction – one filled with as much travel as you desire and the ability to work from anywhere (even home)?

You can still get The Paradise Pack for a tiny bit longer – but on Sunday June 7th at 11:59pm Pacific (Monday June 8th 6.59pm New Zealand Time) it will be gone – FOREVER.

Yes, it will NEVER exist again, so don’t miss out!

Get Your Paradise Pack* Now


Jason & Trav

PS – 10% of your purchase goes to Pencils of Promise to build a school for kids in Guatemala – when you order The Paradise Pack you’ll also be giving back in a seriously awesome way:)

PPS – Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.

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Less than 24 hours left The Paradise Pack + Where to work Overseas?

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< < NOTE: This offer has now EXPIRED – I’ll write about next years The Paradise Pack offer when it goes on Sale again in 2016 > >

Less than 24 hours left The Paradise Pack + Where to work Overseas?

Less than 24 hrs left to snap up The Paradise Pack* …

It got me thinking about some of the places I can see myself working overseas…where do you want to work?

(closes June 7th 11.59pm PST = June 8th 6.59pm NZ Time) (*Affiliate)

The Paradise Pack work from overseasSources as individually listed below

Where do you see yourself working oversea’s?
Would you like to join me at some of my places?


1. On the Ski Lift at Whistler – Canada

I love Snow Skiing and it often features high on our list of holidays.  My last overseas Ski resort we had the pleasure of screaming down some 11 years ago was Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe and it was A-Mazing!

Chair lifts have become alot faster these days as have the ones on Whistler, but I can see myself on my phone logging in to confirm suppliers, approve design and reply to quick emails on here proving that yes I can work Anywhere (as long as it’s not a blizzard!).

Or maybe while I’m stopped at the cafe near the top while I stop for a quick Hot Chocolate break I receive a call from the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge who would like to know if I would like to join them for dinner on their last night of their USA Skiing Holiday.

I agree, because I think they are kinda cool and the restaurant we are going to is going to serve Melktert for dessert all the way from South Africa as a throw back to their engagement. (and I LOVE me some traditional Melktert!)



2. On the Deck of my Bure in Fijior maybe just down on the sand

Way back in 2003 I spent an amazing Holiday (including a friends wedding) in Fiji, so I am well due a visit back.

After spending the day eating, Diving, Paddle boarding, Hiking, lazing in the Pool and eating some more, I can see myself snatching a hour or two of work on this deck as the sun goes down playing about with some new invention design idea’s before I head out for dinner (more food) and spend the evening dancing.

Then Richard Branson rocks up onto my deck and casually reminds us that we met at the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham in October and would I like to spend some time with his family on his own island – Necker?

I go to decline, as you know I’m in Fiji already, it’s pretty dam awesome here…but agree to “OK I come after I’ve finished in Fiji”, but only because England lost to New Zealand in the most epic final and I’m feeling a bit sorry for Richard as it’s 4 more years (even though he loves the All Blacks too).



3. After a long lazy picnic in Central Park – New York

Only ever having spent 3 days in New York, I have ALOT to yet see and do.

I want to spend a good couple of months living in New York, maybe even up to 6 months getting to just chill and slowly explore my way around.

In amongst that I see Central Park featuring many-many a time.  Yeah, call me romantic…but I see many a long lazy picnic had in here.

Can you see me in there, I’m just above the 10th hole having a picnic with Sarah Jessica Parker & Chris Noth.  They have invited along Chris’s younger cousin Jack who loves New Zealand accents and having conversations about the weird dreams we had last night 😉

It will then be a short jaunt back to my rented apartment that doesn’t feature much, but is in the PERFECT location for scouting New York to set to work on new product design and function for a few hours before the New York evening (& Jack) drag me from my computer screen to take me out to the city of lights and dancing til sunrise.



4. In the morning before driving a Ferrari along the Amalfi Coast – Italy

I will have woken up (hungry) and had a delicious full on Italian breakfast, so can start my work with a full tummy and the air of excitement of what my afternoon will entail exploring the stunning Amalfi Coast in my cherry Red Ferrari.

Making it hard to work, but I persevere anyway writing, posting, publishing, editing, talking with publishers, designers and manufacturers.

I’m mid conversation with my New Zealand team when my call waiting goes off and it’s Jimmy Kimmel inviting me to show him my crazy new Mom Time Saving invention that he can’t get enough of on his show.

I let him know, “Yes Jimmy, I am interested…but I can’t make April, as I’ll be in Como then”, he suggest May, which works well as I’ll be back in town then.

He makes me promise to not share it on any late night shows before then, which I promise, but say that George has just ordered 47 of them for his friends, so I can’t guarantee it will stay out of the Paparazzi.

Jimmy is livid George has got 47 all ready and he has none!

But is going to take the risk and pleads me to send him at least 1.

I say I can’t promise anything, but will see if I my PA back in Wellington will send lend him her one until new stock arrives, but she is allowed to charge him a hireage rate that well covers her Petrol bill for the year.

ferrari, amalfi coast


5. After Water-skiing on Lake Como – Italy

I have my family with me at Como and it’s the still not mid season, so the lakes quite nice and quiet and we have unseasonably perfect weather creating flat calm water-skiing conditions!

56 square miles of perfect Water-skiing, Wakeboarding and Boating all day with my family.

I resist the urge to login, but my phone has been beeping like crazy down inside my bag inside it’s waterproof pocket with Notifications and I’ve successfully ignored it for 7 hours so far.

I give in and see my product sales have just quadrupled in the past month (much to my delight)?

I spend some time trying to figure out what’s going on and after a bit of researching and logging onto my Facebook page, I discover it’s because I was spotted boating with George and Amal a few weeks ago (even though I had a sombrero on and the picture of me Waterskiing my face looks like one of those dogs with it’s head out the window going 200km per hour! – who on earth would recognise me like that!)

But the clincher seemed to be that 2 weeks ago Cindy (a fellow working Mom) was seen reading my book as she and Randi whizzed past in their speed boat on their way to lunch with G&A.

Italy   Tourist Attractions In Italy


Where do you see yourself working oversea’s?
Would you like to join me at some of my places?

Yup, a little bit of Fan Fiction of my travelling / working life here 😉

Hey, I am realistic, I know sometimes (many times) I’m going to be holed up in my accommodation, head down working like crazy to deadlines and to meet suppliers demands and sometimes I’m hardly going to see all of where I am…but I’m aiming for ALOT of travel to be in my future.

So in that I’m aiming for alot of working from ANYWHERE to be in my future.

Read what’s in The Paradise pack from my post on Friday it lists ALL the great content you get in there.

If you are thinking of buying The Paradise Pack as you also see yourself also working from Anywhere in your future, remember you have less than 24 hours left The Paradise Pack*
(Expires forever Monday June 8th 6.59pm NEW ZEALAND TIME)

*This is an affiliate link.  If you click on it (& purchase this awesome pack) I will receive a commission (no extra cost to you, you’re just outright saving money here honey).  Which will help me buy more resources in future!


Trav & Jason from The Paradise Pack shared with us some FAQ that you may find interesting.

I have posted these below.



In the last 24 hours we’ve gotten a TON of questions about The Paradise Pack*
That makes sense.

After all, you need to decide if it’s right for you – and sometimes that isn’t easy.

We understand how you feel.

We’ve both purchased courses, ebooks and trainings online, even from people that are currently part of The Paradise Pack!

It’s important to do your research so you feel comfortable with your decision.

We believe in total transparency and want to give you everything you need to decide whether it’s right for you.

And we aren’t afraid to say who it’s NOT for.

For example, if you are someone who doesn’t want to take action, or learn new things then The Paradise Pack is not for you.

On the flip side…

We believe whole-heartedly that this pack will change your life forever.

It’s a bold statement but a true one.

If you are looking to travel more and/or have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world (now or in the near future) we believe The Paradise Pack is perfect for you.

To back that up, we wanted to answer all of your questions right here.

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing The Paradise Pack we’re going to show you exactly why it’s worth every penny (and more).

Want to know if The Paradise Pack is right for you? Read on…

I don’t have enough money right now to travel or start my own location independent business – should I still get The Paradise Pack?

Perfect! We all started somewhere just like you and The Paradise Pack has 18 in depth resources that will teach you exactly how to save and earn money for travel plus start various types of profitable businesses you can run from anywhere in the world.

A couple of short examples, in travel Matt’s guide teaches you how to book free flights using frequent flier miles, Caz and Craig share every cheap travel trick they’ve learned over 17 years of wandering and Nat and Jodie show you how to start house sitting so you can sleep anywhere in the world for free.

In business, Natalie shows how you can fund your dream idea with no money, Tom shows you how to begin freelancing on the side and Jason gives you the core principles you need to start any type of location independent business.

These are just a few examples.

The Paradise Pack is jammed with numerous other ways you can get started traveling and working from anywhere with little to no money.

I can’t afford to quit my job.

Many of the contributors in The Paradise Pack had jobs they needed to leave behind to travel – we know how scary it can be!

That’s why it’s smart to begin working to replace your income so you CAN afford to quit.

Christine’s Blog Brilliantly Course is only one of 9 different expert trainings in The Paradise Pack that will show you how to start something up on the side while you get ready to transition out of your job to travel more or work from home.

I love my job but want a break to fulfill my travel dreams? Or… I am worried that quitting to travel will be a death sentence for my career – how will the pack help me?

Sherry Ott has a brilliant book in the pack called “Take a Career Break and Give Yourself a Raise – Find Your Passion Through Travel” which walks you through, step-by-step how to go about preparing (mentally and physically) to take off and travel without sacrificing a career you love.

I want to travel some, but not all of the time?

The best part about Lifestyle Design and becoming Location Independent is that you get to decide where you want to go and when. Work from home and travel when the moods strikes you or hit the road for an entire year – the choice is yours.

I don’t have a business idea – will this work for me? Also, I need to earn money fast!

Brain Moran’s course takes you through the process of how to come up with a winning business idea and actually get it online so you can earn an income from anywhere in the world. .

In Michelle’s digital “How To” course you’ll discover how to research, create and sell your first product. Jesse Krieger provides both philosophical and actionable strategies for becoming a superstar Lifestyle entrepreneur.

If you don’t want to create your own products or services Sean’s affiliate blueprint shows you how to make money online by selling other people’s products and services.

Jasper shows you how you can use a website called ‘airbnb’ to make money off of your current home or apartment (whether you rent or own).

One of the best parts about The Paradise Pack is that it’s extremely actionable, and entirely possible to start a new business over one single weekend.

I already have an idea for a business.

Great! This will help you test your idea to make sure it will succeed before investing too much time, money and energy into bringing it fully to life. You’ll get plenty of actionable advice to bring your vision to life in the right way so you can create a profitable business.

I don’t have time to go through all of the products in The Paradise Pack – should I still get it?

Yes, you should! And here is why…

Since The Paradise Pack is a digital product that means it will live on your computer forever! You can learn at your own pace whenever you have free time. If you’re really busy we suggest starting with one product in the pack and spending just 10-15 minutes a day digging in and learning new skills.

All of the online courses are available to you forever and you can access them anytime. Learn at your own pace!

On top of that, Jason and Jesse have included audio courses so you can listen and learn on the go while you are doing other things.

Is this just for younger people or people without kids?

Absolutely NOT! Paradise Pack contributors and customers are various ages from all walks of life. Age has nothing whatsoever to do with learning how to save money on travel and earn an income from anywhere in the world (even home).

Got kids? Sean Keener’s ‘Family Guide To Long Term Travel’ is all about traveling with family around the world.

Caz and Craig talk about traveling with kids in “How To Create a Travel Life You Love Without Spending a Fortune”.

Tim Leffel teaches you how to relocate to any country whether you have a family or not (he does) in his outstanding guide “A Better Life For Half the Price”.

Plus each book contains money saving travel advice that can help anyone, with or without a family.

I already travel a bunch and/or I already have a business that I can run from anywhere – how will this help me?

The Paradise Pack isn’t just for beginners.

Each course/training/book is comprehensive, teaching both beginners and experts how to level up in business or travel. There are 18 different offerings in The Paradise Pack – If you learn just one new thing that helps you to save money on travel, earn more money or have a better travel experience isn’t it worth it?

Want to increase the revenue for your business or charge higher rates for your service? You’ll learn a multitude of strategies from professional business gurus in the pack.

Any desire to learn a language? Benny’s language guides can help you connect better with locals.

Want to capture your travels like a pro? Captain and Clark’s Videography Course will give you the technical know how to capture better travel memories or even turn your travel videos into a business.

We guarantee you’ll learn countless new things that you can use to save money on travel (and business) and earn more money from anywhere in the world.

Will this be available again?

NO! The Paradise Pack only happens once a year and this version will NEVER exist again. It will be gone forever on June 7th at 11:59pm PST (June 8th 6.59pm NZ Time) so don’t wait to order it now.

If you are someone who is forgetful better to oder now then let it slip your mind – plus there is a bonus you can get but only until tonight (see below).


If you have any other questions please get in touch – we’d love to help you out.

Jason & Trav

PS- Don’t forget – 10% of your purchase goes to Pencils of Promise to help build a school for kids in Guatemela. .

PPS – Here is the link to get it one more time >>>Get The Paradise Pack* Now.

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20 Travel products to help your blog – The Paradise Pack

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< < NOTE: This offer has now EXPIRED – I’ll write about next years The Paradise Pack offer when it goes on Sale again in 2016 > >

20 Travel products to help your blog – The Paradise Pack.

Have ambitious hopes & dreams for your Blog?

Buy Paradise PackIf you’re anything like me, you will have so-so many dreams for it.

Idea’s rattling around in notebooks, evernote and on backs of receipts.

With so many directions your blog could move into, The Paradise Pack (*Affiliate) might help you figure it all out…like I know it is going to greatly help me.

Do you soak up information about all angles of blogging and the ‘possibilities’ of what could be?  I know I do, I can’t get enough :-)

I’m starting to put plans in place (slowly-slowly) to Travel a WHOLE lot more in a few years time for extended periods (once Miss15 is at Uni) and hoping to earn a living while I do it through a few different avenues.

One area I see possibly expanding on my blog in future is Travel Blogging…and further developing my products I’m working away in the background and digital material.

I write a little about Travel and adventures on Wellington Chic now (not enough though yet and I have approx 47 half and three-quarter written posts in my drafts folder dedicated to travel that I’m not quite ready to post!).

So I’m like sponge bob and soak up good blog related stuff from the great Blog groups I’m part of like #brunchclub, books, articles, Facebook, Social Media and fab people who write on the topics I like.

I still have so much to learn…

Well blow me down…then this comes along & rocks my SOCKS!

But I only spotted it TODAY & times nearly run out.


The Paradise Pack *


The Paradise Pack Purchase• The Paradise Pack:
A world-class bundle of 20 Hand-selected resources

• That have been proven to help you travel more, spend less, earn money from anywhere in the world (even if that’s just from home) and create your dream lifestyle (yeah cliché!)

• Offered only ONCE a year.

• Offered on sale for only 7 days.

• Offered at a massively discounted price! – Yay :-)

• Once the deadline hits – it’s gone.

• Next years pack will be completely different.

20 travel products by 20 travel experts worth over $2000 for just  $197 * !!!


How long do you have left to purchase before offer expires?:


-862Days -21Hours -4Minutes -15Seconds


The Paradise Pack
is only available until June 7th 11:59pm (PST) and then it’ll be gone forever.
(That’s Monday June 8th – 6.55pm NEW ZEALAND Time)

Be quick & check out the epic line up below of A-Mazing writers + every single piece of information you get in this pack.

– You will find Bloggers you have read and loved.

– Experts from all different topics and angles.

– Intel on the real nitty gritty of what it takes to succeed in these area’s.

– Facts, figures and endless tips to help you bypass the hurdles.

I LOVE what is in this years pack.

World Class resources beyond what I could have imagined.


Do you read Nomadic Matts’ Blog?

Matt has helped 16 million people travel, and his Travel Hack guide I’ve been eyeing up is just one of 20 top-notch resources that you’ll get in The Paradise Pack*.

Interested to try your hand at Videography for Travel, Affiliate Marketing (making money from your blog), Crowd Funding, House Sitting, Selling products online, Making money from Airbnb and so-so much more (full list below)?

Paradise Pack contents


A List of Current Products In The Paradise Pack – 2015


Matt Kepnes from Nomadic Matt – Ultimate Guide To Travel Hacking
(value $30)

Benny Lewis from Fluent in 3 MonthsConversation Countdown (value $47), Why Spanish is Easy & Why French is Easy & Why German is Easy Triple Package
(value $117)

Sean Ogle from Location180Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
(value $97)

Christine Gilbert from Almost FearlessBlog Brilliantly
(value $249)

• Captain and Clark  – Videography for Travel Bloggers
(value $297)

Natalie Sisson from The Suitcase EntrepreneurHow to Successfully Crowd Fund Your Dream Idea on Kickstarter Guide Premium Bundle
($77 value)

Nat and Jodie from House Sitting WorldHouse Sitting Academy
(value $97)

Caz and Craig from Y Travel – How To Create a Travel Life You Love Without Spending a Fortune
(value $47)

Brian Moran from 5 minute Marketing – The Freedom Formula Video Series
(value $97)

Tom Ewer from Leaving Work Behind Paid To Blog as a Freelancer
(value $49)

Jason Moore from Zero To Travel How To Quit Your Job & Travel the World (Location Independent Audio Bundle)
(value $147)

• Tim Leffel – A Better Life For Half The Price – Committed Package
(value $89)

Jesse Krieger from Lifestyle Entrepreneur – Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Book + Audio Training
(value $247)

Jasper Ribbers from The Traveling DutchmanGet Paid For Your Pad Video Course + Book
(value $107)

Sean Keener from BootsnAll Travel Network and AirTreks – Family Travel Guide to Long-Term Travel
(value $49)

Sherry Ott from Meet, Plan, Go! – Take a Career Break and Give Yourself a Raise
(value $49)

Adam Seper from the BootsnAll Travel Network and Round the World Ticket – Around the World Airfare Report

Michelle from Up Sticks and Go – Digital “How To” Products to Sell Online
(value $147)

Emily Utter – The Adventurous Entrepreneur Training Series
(value $97)

20 travel products by 20 travel experts worth over $2000 for just  $197 !!!



I already follow many of these peeps on Twitter, Facebook and their own Blogs and I gain so much from their experiences and resources.

10% from each sale will go to Pencils of Promise (PoP) – an organization that builds schools for kids in developing countries. Check out their organisation, it’s a great initiative.

All Paradise Pack products come to you electronically via email for you to keep and read/view/listen as often as you like.

Once you purchase your pack, you receive it instantly.

20 travel products by 20 travel experts worth over $2000 for just $197

If you are looking to grow your blog in some of these area’s, you’d be crazy to miss The Paradise Pack bundle sale! (insert affiliate link)

You would have to wait a whole year til it comes up again and the pack contents is always different, so these resources may not feature again

Many of these individual items I have been really interested to buy in the past on their own…but my budget yet wouldn’t stretch that far.

But now you and I can get them and so-so much more for just $197!

Buy it here through The Paradise Pack * website using their super easy checkout.

This is an affiliate link.  If you click on it (& purchase this awesome pack) I will receive a commission (no extra cost to you, you’re just outright saving money here honey).  Which will help me buy more resources in future!

But truly, have a look, check it out yourself (even if you don’t click through my link :-)), as this stuff is pretty damn awesome.

The Paradise Pack is only available until June 7th 11:59pm (PST) and then it’ll be gone forever.
(That’s Monday June 8th – 6.55pm NEW ZEALAND Time)

Enjoy your pack and keep me updated with what it inspires you to do with your blog!

#paradisepack #theparadisepack

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Friday Night Lites: Adventure Travel, Breathtaking Drawings, Faces in Things & Encouraging Single Parents

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Got some time to chill out and have a read around the web tonight?

Have a look at what caught my eye across the interwebs this week with Friday Night Lites:





  • I’ve been loving reading recently the adventures and highlights on the Young Adventuress blog I have discovered written by Liz Carlson.
    A solo female traveler (adventuress) who has traveled, worked and lived in multiple countries and is currently residing in     Read more
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