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Trees, Scaffolding, Campbell Live, Toast & nearly Kissing…

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Crazy dreams – a mish-mash of:
• People in Trees • Scaffolding • Campbell Live • Flooded Houses • Toast • Drew Kenney & nearly Kissing an insanely good looking Man

drew kenney

Sources as referenced individually below

Do you have crazy mish-mashed dreams at night?

I sure do, but they keep my highly entertained and they seriously crack me up.

In this one…It started oddly enough with a couple sleeping in a ginormous tree.
…then suspended between two horizontal branches was a huge silver Tarpaulin / Hammock / Trampoline type set up.
The couple were fully ensconced in here and were curling up with another Tarpaulin as a blanket.
(I saw a flicker of the Tree protest news a day or two ago)

…it looked surprisingly comfy and cozy, but I was nervous for them that one tiny nick in the tarpaulin and riiipppp…followed by communal looks of terror passing between them and whoooop through they would go!



…beside the giant tree, the awesome team from Campbell live and 3 News had constructed this apartment building sized ‘Scaffolding’ (because they had to go so high, it had to go out wide also), so it would get them up horizontal with the couple in the tree, it even was partially covered in building wrap!
(I think I’ve seen too many episodes of The Block with the scaff and wrap)


campbell live  scaffolding
Source Source

…they had their camera’s set on the couple in the tree 24/7 Big Brother style but without the bunny ears and were streaming it live to New Zealand, kinda Truman show style and all of NZ were riveted with this Tarpaulin wrapped pair.
(love me some reality tv)



…in my dream, the couple weren’t protesting, they were just hanging out in a giant tree, not doing anything in particular, just hanging out.

…then in my dream I woke up and stepped out of bed and my house was flooded, with like calf deep water, I went downstairs and it was also flooded, but there was no obvious reason, like it was normal and I was just wadding around in it.
The house was containing it also like a swimming pool, it wasn’t even pouring out the doors and it wasn’t even cold.



I made toast…yes I made toast standing in calf deep water using a possible electrocution device in my dream flooded house!
(I like toast, but don’t like the chance of electrocution :-( )



…then it went from less crazy massup to much-much more interesting…

…I was suddenly stuck in a really narrow confined space somewhere in my house and I was pressed up against this insanely good looking man

…He had a spectacular upper body that you couldn’t help but notice as my hand was up in front of me so the only place it could go was pressed up against his chest…

…you could completely feel it through his shirt…it was totally Drew Kenney’s shirted physique from The Bachelorette!!!

…but strangely his head wasn’t Drew (sorry Drew), but it wasn’t someone I had ever met before either!!

(yes I was watching a TVNZ on demand episode of The Bachelorette last night as I was writing before I went to sleep ;-))


drew kenney drew kenney


…it was extremely intense, as this insanely good looking man (who wasn’t Drew) and I talked quietly presse up against each other

…his face moved in closer to mine…millimetre by millimetre, goodness gracious me, it was sooooo hot…
(but still PG for this Mom)

…He was moments away from kissing me…

…He went 90…I went 9…

…Hello…Then my dream stopped!…

…I have so many questions…

…1% people…1% !!!


(Mr 1% and I were a whole lot smoother and sexier than Alex Hitchens and Albert Brennaman! #hitch love that movie)

So many questions, like…

• Was it a 500 year old Kauri, or only a 70 year old Kauri?
…although it was ginormously bigger in my dream, so I think it was about 1997 years old truth be told!
• How did the tree couple eat…they had no food up there?
• Why did the tarpaulins look so damn cozy, even though they were hard crinkly tarpaulins – I wanted one?
• Did their Tarpaulins survive?
If not hopefully they would have been caught by the mass of Avatar type vines on the way down and could lower them selves to safety.
• How did Campbell Live & TV3 get consent for their ginormous Scaffolding structure?
• Who left the tap on and flooded my house?
…that wasn’t my real house, but was my house – you know what I mean.
• Did I daily have water flooding my house, or just on certain days of the year?  As I didn’t seem to perplexed by it.
• What spread did I put on my toast…was it a Nutella day or Banana?
Who was that #insanelygoodlookingman that I have never met before?
• Was it ‘he’ who turned my house into a a giant Toddlers pool?
• Why were we stuck in such a narrow space?
…were we hiding from the escaped Cheetah’s from Orana Park or was a Tornado coming?
…Tornado…not Sharknado…well it could have been Sharknado…escaped sharks from Orana Park’s merger with Kelly Tarlton’s that had been swept up by a South Canterbury southerly…and were now swirling around my house… that wasn’t my house
• Just where was Hitch in all of this?
• Did Hitch help #insanelygoodlookingman orchestrate this narrow spaced entanglement?
• 1% people…1%?
…what’s with that!

• …who know’s maybe I’ll meet Mr 1% somewhere today! 😉


I LOVE crazy mashup dreams and have such a giggle remembering them in the morning.



Tell me one of your crazy mashup dreams, I love hearing them :-)


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