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Most excited about the DeLorean The Bachelor NZ 2016

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Is it bad that I was most excited about the DeLorean from tonight’s Premier of The Bachelor NZ 2016?

Gearing up for ep 1 tomor #thebachelornz #blackdelorean #jordbach

A photo posted by Jordan Mauger (@jordanmauger_nz) on

Actually Jordan Mauger getting out of the DeLorean was quite exciting…I know some say DeLoreans need to be in the original brushed stainless steel, but I found this all black one rather sexy.

Miss 15, taken a gap in her study break commented that “woah, their budget must have got bigger this year as he choppered over the water”.

I always knew The Bachelor NZ was going to be different than last season…but if I’m really honest I found tonight a tiny bit underwhelmed so far

But I’m hoping to get past all the awkwardness of the intro’s, see the women more natural and casual and just get onto the fun and…the fun crazy. Just who will stir the pot this season? NazClaudia…perhaps?

I like Jordan, a Canterbury lad, good kiwi bloke, knows what he wants and connects well with his family.

Quite a different personality from Art, (but he kinda needed to be to make this season his own) and I think I will like him even more as the season goes on as he relaxes a whole lot more and show’s more of his natural fun sides.

But, damn did you see those sparkly eyes!
Annnnnd I think I saw him waterskiing when we were looking forward to the upcoming shows, so that just gets me everytime!

The Bachelorettes showered Jordan with a range of gifts from tiny hearts to Ceri (Keri) Juice to Bliss Balls! I actually felt like some bliss balls after that, so thanks Claudia, I think they were quite a hit.

I kinda liked the one with ALL the animals in the land, Alicia. Also I was sure she snagged a side lip kiss at the rose ceremony, but when I played it back, not so much.

Ceri with the juice, wow a little scared for you after reveling such deep info in your very first sentence after you sat down with Jordan, but I like you, so I hope you stay.

Rebecca, your scrabble game at the Retirement Village was a little cringey, even if it was meant to be endearing, but I think I’m going to like you more and more. I’m glad you got the 1st impression rose.

Kate with your Jude Law compliment (way to make a guy feel good, pulling out the likeness to Jude Law) and your multitude of kisses.

Amanda with your hand name game, that was kinda quirky and different, but I think Jordan liked it.

Anna, the More FM wildcard, we hardly saw you tonight, but I have a good feeling about you and I’m sure we are going to see much more of you yet.

The music throughout the show, was hilarious, a mixture of suspense, surprise, Star Wars and Disney princesses sparkles, but I like it matched with the cheesy-ness and it went with the awk’s of the night.

The Mahurangi Estate (the Mansion) looked stunning, I’m such a sucker for Fairy lights though, so am easily bought and the more sparklier the better.

Last season the women received dresses form The Iconic, but I wasn’t able to pick up where these were from tonight. Does anyone know where they were from?

Great to see Mr Mike back as host, I’ve missed over hearing him every morning trying to talk over my Si & Gary in the mornings as Miss 15 cranked her Edge radio up past my More FM. Jordan and Mike are looking sharp and are dressed by Working Style.

…and we are down to 19 already with Emily-Rose, Freya and Harmony heading home, without Marty McFly in the DeLorean.

Who are you top picks for having that spark with Jordan?

Hey, you can go into the draw to WIN a Suzuki Swift here
Watch the show, grab the Keyword and enter it online.

I watched the show, twice, but I still missed spotting the keyword, ha!

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