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Review: BlueAnt Q3 Premium Smartphone Bluetooth Earpiece

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Review: BlueAnt Q3 Premium Smartphone Bluetooth Earpiece

BlueAnt Q3 Smartphone Earpiece

BlueAnt Q3 Smartphone Earpiece

The BlueAnt Q3* developers must be avid iphone & Smartphone users, as this Earpiece does EXACTLY what it says it does and then some…

BlueAnt markets the “Q3” as “for the smartphone” and it really is an earpiece built for the workings of a smartphone.

I’m very fortunate that my workplace allowed me to get a new earpiece, as when I leave work in the afternoons the office line is transferred to my cellphone for the next few hours, while I’m doing double duty being a Mom for Miss 13 and on call for work also.

I answer calls, make follow-up calls, write text messages and emails and set reminders in all sorts of locations. In Supermarkets, at Sports Practices, in Libraries…but ALOT of the calls happen whilst we are driving in the car.  Hence the need for a really well performing hands free Bluetooth Earpiece.

I spent hours upon hours trawling the internet looking for one that would have me very nearly completely handsfree.  I was looking for one that could do:

  • voice activated answering
  • caller identification (voice announcement of who is calling me)
  • voice activated dialing
  • integrate with my iphone address book
  • dictate my text messages
  • allow me to still use the Siri function on my iphone to set new reminders, add events to calendars etc…

Many other earpieces seemed to offer some of those features, but not all of them together that I could find.  Namely no voice answering and no caller identification.

I also have a small ear as a whole and a small earl canal space (yup a bit weird).  So normal earphone ear buds hurt after a minute or two, or simply don’t fit/fall out.

I looked at models from:

  • Voyager
  • Jawbone
  • Jaber
  • Mororola
  • Plantronics
  • Jabra
  • Bose

But still found none that I determined did all I wanted and specifically integrated well with the iphone 4s. But I did kept stumbling across this “Q3” from BlueAnt that hadn’t been released yet, but had showcased at a tradefair or something.  There was a Q2 model that seemed to rate fairly well with reviewers and people were anticipating great things from the Q3.

I couldn’t go and see a Q3 in a store to get a feel for it or try it out as it hadn’t been released yet. But it seemed like my best possible option if the marketing hype fit the product.

Decided eventually to take the chance, (hoping like crazy it would pan out) and I Pre-Ordered one via the BlueAnt Australia website who ships to New Zealand.
AUS$99 + $29 freight = $129 (around NZD$159).

It was due for release at the end of the month.  It took around 6 weeks to arrive & I had to enquire via email to BlueAnt customer service as to when it was going to arrive, then this large box arrived the very next morning!  Customer service replied very promptly.

I was super excited, but also nervous incase it was an expensive dud!

My giant box opened to reveal a little styling looking perspex box inside which was beautifully packaged…


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