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Flagraising – We made our own family ‘Pirate’ Flag

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Wellington Chic's family flag raising

Wellington Chic’s family flag raising

A few years back we were very fortunate to get to live for a little while in a ‘castle’ of a house (as our friends nicknamed it).

It was a huge beautiful home, it was very unique and it was completely and utterly Gods hand why we were there for the time we were.

So we made the most of it, hosting people for events as we had the room and fabulous living/entertaining spaces.
It’s also where Miss 13’s love of giant kids sleepovers kicked in and became a staple even in our much-much smaller future houses.

Miss 13 and I were also partial to sliding across the large polished wooden floor in the Dinning area in our Merino Socks as we had nothing to put in this part of the house so was a fantastic slidey open space!  It also resulted in a few ‘slidey’ related injuries as a result if I’m honest.

Another very unique feature of our faux ‘castle’ was that it had it’s very own FLAGPOLE!

Just how cool is that!

I had a plan right from when we moved in, that we would have to hoist a flag!

So we did.

We didnt own a flag.
There was no flag at the house.
I didnt want to buy just any old flag…so I decided that Miss 13 and I could MAKE one.

We bought some lightweight nylon type material and sewed a hem around the edges.
We were then heading to Christchurch that weekend to hang out with family and friends, so we took it with us and set about ‘designing’ our ‘family flag’ while we were there.

It was Miss 13’s decision what to put on our flag.
She decided that she would draw a picture of me and then I would draw a picture of her. Then she would get each person in our wider family to all draw a little something on it too around the edges and put their names also.

So that’s what we did!

It was super amateur, but it was FABULOUSLY perfect.


Wellington Chic's family flag

Wellington Chic’s family flag


When we got home from Christchurch, we set aside an afternoon to do our flag raising.  We needed to wait til there was at least ‘some’ breeze to make the flag raising worth while, but it was in the end a bit like the America’s Cup race on Saturday, the wind wasn’t really strong enough, but we made do!

It was a very overcast grey day, which didn’t bode well for fabulous photo’s but we were determined today was the day.
We dug out some music, as you have to have music when dealing with Flags! We attached the flag to the guide ropes and then Miss 13 hoisted it up with our own version of patriotic fanfare and fake trumpet sounding and some verses of New Zealand’s national anthem, ‘God Defend New Zealand’.

Seeing our flag up there flying away in the wind was just simply the coolest thing. Miss 13 was so so so proud of it (as was I) and we knew people would be able to see it far and wide in the suburb we were in.

I’ll admit flapping away in the wind our ‘faces’ would get a little distorted, so at times our faces looked a little scary. From afar, people would have wondered what on earth was on the flag.

Friends commented on it when they came to see us and Miss 13 loved taking people out to see it if they missed it when driving in (although it was kinda hard to miss).  She loved to tell people all about the flag, what was on it and all the pictures our family had drawn.

As we were only in this place for a short term rental our time would eventually be up, but our flag stayed right til the very end.

I found our flag not long ago as I was tidying out our linen cupboard, its pretty battered from flapping about all that time, but a great memory from that time in our life and a great parenting fun moment with Miss 13 (Miss 8 at the time).

Makes me want to go and make another flag and fly it off the top of our apartment building today!

Talking with the owners of the property on our last day at our ‘castle’ house, they told us how they had friends living across the valley who had wondered if Pirates had taken over their house as they had seen our ‘weird’ flag go up!

Priceless – Mom & Daughter Pirates, that’s us!


What have you made with your kids that’s a little out of the ordinary, but a great memory?


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