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Moving to the City – Wellington City…continued

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Moving to the City – Wellington City…continued

Oriental Bay, Wellington

Oriental Bay, Wellington

We still kept actively looking at places over the next two days, finding nothing you would call ‘appealing’ and then we got the call….
It was all ours…We were moving to the City – Wellington City!!!

3 weeks latter we were moving in!

Man, that moved a little faster than I thought – but it very felt right – but still scary!
(Oh, no, what if we hate living in Wellington…what if we hate living in an apartment!)

I had already done a fair amount of “going through stuff” in the few weeks before, sorting things into “Move, Store, Sell, Giveaway, Trash”. But now I really needed to step it up as we had a date, as it was all happening very quick.

In that same 3 week period, I also had on of my oldest-best-est friends come and stay for a while, and another friend also visit from out of town. I had 2 weekends of working in a row down at my Church. We had many extra School events on like Cross Country etc, Normal Sports Practices, Sports Games and Dancing. Lifegroups and Womens Discipleship Groups and a

Girls nights out at our house in it all squeezed into 3 weeks. I don’t think I got to bed before midnight at for the whole 3 weeks.

The MASS Clean out we were doing was oh-so-cleansing.

We had definite areas positioned around the house stacking:
MoveSellGive awayTrash PalaceTip.
I spent about 3-4 hours photographing and taking measurements, notes and details of all the things we were wanting to sell (that either weren’t going to fit into the apartment or weren’t needed) and uploading it all to Trademe. It was well worth the time spent as we managed to net $1012 from the sales, which helped ALOT with moving costs and we were also able to give a huge tonne of stuff away!.

Then we moved.

(Of course it took longer than a 3-letter-sentence to move, but I’ve determined moving is like Child Birth…at the time, you think….moving sucks…it’s painful…the clearing out sucks…the finding box’s suck…packing, stacking, pushing pulling sucks…finding people able to help sucks…all the energy spent on it sucks…moving day itself is HARD and sucks…cleaning you old house afterwards sucks super big time x infinity…and you say your never going to move again…..
Then, 3 months latter, 6 months latter, 2 years latter…you’ve forgotten what it was ‘really’ like and sign up to do it all over again).

We could hardly close the door behind us once all our ‘things’ had been ‘plonked’ inside late on that Friday night. But we had just enough room to clamber over and squeeze around things to get in the make the beds and go to sleep!

We then had fun over the next week setting up our new (old) apartment.

We had visitors coming from out of town in exactly 4 weeks post-move-in, which actually was a really good incentive to keep up the ‘unpacking’ momentum and the putting things away ‘somewhere’. Taking boxs and packing rubbish to the skip each day (oh how I love thee ‘Rubbish Room’ in the building, who ever knew how fabulous these things are!).

Having our first visitors was awesome and a great way to celebrate our new place! They were here for the AMG Wellington Marathon race that we competed in (we were only the 10km run, not the marathon!).

Oriental Bay, Wellington

Oriental Bay, Wellington


So if you remember on yesterdays post, I talked about all the compromises we thought we would have to ‘make’ with moving in to the City and how we didn’t think we would particularly like it, but were going to step out into the opportunity and do it anyway for good reasons.

Well, within the first few days we knew – WE LOVED IT.

1 year latter as I’m writing this post. WE STILL LOOOOVVVVE IT.

We are so very very fortunate and blessed to have got the place we did.

  • It is quiet
  • It is warm
  • It is sunny
  • It is safe
  • We don’t feel like the neighbours are too close at all, but it’s nice to know they are there to
  • We are so close to everything city wise…the waterfront, the beaches, the Cafe’s, Bars & Restaurants, awesome places to Run, the Gardens, Events…
  • The route we take in and out of the City is so easy, so it’s less than minutes and we are ‘on the motorway’ or ‘off the motorway’, so we don’t really get traffic, (I’m going the opposite direction to everyone too, so it’s easy)
  • As we live in a wee ‘pocket’ within the city it is even quieter and we don’t really get any street noise either
  • We don’t miss the grass that much and there is a patch across the road if we want to go and sit on one. I totally don’t miss mowing it either.
  • We don’t have a spare room anymore, but our awesome, comfortable fold-out to queen-bed-sized-couch (yes, Queen bed sized!) fits on one side of our lounge and folds out into a perfect space for our out of town guests. You would also fit another 2-3 people in the lounge on airbeds/mattresses also if need be.
    There is also still enough room to sleep a 2nd person each in both my room and Miss 13’s rooms (as our rooms are long). The most Miss 13 has had in hers so far is 4 for a sleepover.
    So, compact YES, but as long as visitors are happy to ‘fit in’, it still works well!
  • It’s older (15+ years) but it’s still in OK condition and isn’t too bad at all
  • It’s cozy
  • We are very ‘compact’, but it still surprisingly works and it just makes us be very aware to put things back where they came from after we are done
  • It love that it feels completely like home when you walk in and it feels like it wraps its arms around you as you walk in the door like a little cocoon.

I’m pleasantly surprised how much we love the place.

We love the act of living in the City, we love just being able to pop outside and wander down into the City in minutes, down to the waterfront, to the local shops, bars and restaurants.

It’s so funny how many people you talk to that have heard that we now live in the City that they then often add ‘wistfully’….”You know I always wanted to live in an apartment in the City”….”I still hope to one day”…so they love coming to see where we are and we offer them to come and stay and hang out.

Some people would totally hate it and would think it’s terrible.

It may not be forever for us…but its for now.

As Miss 13 once told one of our friends, “We love being City Chic’s”. And we absolutely do!


Wellington harbour by night

Wellington harbour by night



  • Going against the traffic morning and night
  • So close to Waterfront, Restaurants, Bars
  • So close to events on in the city or at the stadium, and easy walking distance
  • There is a Buzz as soon as you step out the main doors, but yet it does quieten enough to not be in your head
  • We live in a ‘pocket’ so it’s even quieter
  • Apartment:
    – So easy to clean and fast
    – No grass to mow or gardens to prune
    – Save lots of electricity



  • Parking for guests – if they come at night, its free on the street directly outside, but during the day
  • Apartment:
    – Less Space in it, but we’ve managed better than I thought
    – No Courier delivery, unless you happen to be home, you don’t have a ‘doorstep’ as such to leave it on. It’s always a ‘calling card’.
    – No Garage to ‘store’ all your garage related stuff in. We have a covered secure carpark and I also rented a small storage locker for that sort of stuff…camp gear, large power tools, boogie boards etc…


Have you ever thought of moving into Wellington City from the ‘suburbs’?
(Or into your closest City from your ‘suburb’?)

Whats stopping you?


Wellington harbour by day

Wellington harbour by day


Wellington harbour

Wellington harbour


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