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Mud…mud…glorious mud – Brookfield Butt Busta Mud Race

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Brookfield Butt Busta Mud Race 2013

Mud from head-to-toe

2 rolled ankles

11 bruises (& counting)

3 broken fingernails

1 lost race number

1 lot of blood

= Priceless e


It’s a beautiful drive early on this Sunday morning along the Petone foreshore, over the Wainui hill and through the countryside to find the Brookfield Scout Camp, the location of the famous Brookfield Butt Busta mud race!

This is a race with a difference, or two…it has the normal 4km, 8km or 12km course options and there ‘is’ running involved.  But its the mud – water – bush – dirt and obstacles that take you out of your comfort zone and into the super fun zone!

We arrive early (we always do) and manage to score a park nice and close to the start and where everyone latter would gather.

The weather is perfect for an impending race…not hot…not cold…just nicely mildly overcast.

We rock on inside to gather our race numbers from Registration which is super quick and easy. We head back to the car and because of our awesome parking position we can sit, chat and watch all the comings and goings of everyone else that is slowly arriving.

There appears to be a large School group from Scots College, which is awesome to see so many kids and parents teaming up for the event.
It’s also fun watching the array of fancy dress costumes walking past and wondering “just how are they going to run in THAT”…and “are they going to also carry that gun…sword…bone…all the way round the course with them!”
Really I’m, secretly jealous as I LOVE dress ups, but can’t comprehend the idea of making my running even harder but trying to contend with my mask falling off or a scratchy tutu or something.

I love the feeling I have right now, there’s an air of outdoors-ness, being out and alive early on a weekend morning in the elements.  There’s a touch of excitement about what the race will bring, and a touch of anticipation/nervousness at also ‘what’ the race might bring. It’s a good feeling, the buzz is starting to build as the racer’s, spectators and crowds gather.

The race times have been set in waves, sending off the Junior competitors first, the School group, the Junior teams, the 12 km’s (3 loops), the 8km’s (2 loops) and then various waves of the 4km’s teams and individuals.



A large bunch of super hero’s



The mud pit


We have ages til our race starts, so we head over to near the end of the circuit to where the “River/Pond and the Mud Pit/Pool” are and await the first lot of eager kids to come through.
We don’t have to wait long and you hear them coming through the bush before you can see them emerge.
It was hilarious to see the looks on the faces of the ones that obviously hadn’t done it before and how they reacted to the Mud Pit. Some gingerly edged themselves down into it, some raced up and jumped full tilt and did a bomb submerging themselves completely in.
Note to self: “remember to close my mouth when I jump”.    Read more

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