The South Island sure does have my heart

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Wanaka Welcome, New Zealand

Being a South Island girl originally, the South Island sure does have my heart (more blogs coming about that part too).

I love Wellington, I love living here and all the great things we get to do and as you know I blog happily about it right here :-)

But I was born and raised in the South Island in various parts, most of my family and my long-term friends live there too.
So Miss 13 and I love-love-love getting back down there anytime we can.

The Christmas Holidays allowed us both to do just that, so we have just spent the last A-Mazing MONTH (yes, I know a month!) soaking up all it had to offer.

I had the first couple of days in Christchurch catching up with family there and then Miss 13 flew down and we head straight to one of our hands down most favourite parts of the South Island…


Have you been to Wanaka?  If not put it on your ‘Must travel’ list now!

Wanaka is hands down my most favourite place in New Zealand and we have been fortunate to have been going there for years.  We’ve spent many a Summer or Winter there and just can’t seem to get enough of it and we have family there too.

We have just spent 3 weeks there over Christmas and I was in my element!!!



Wanaka, New Zealand


I can’t speak highly enough about Wanaka.

…the Lifestyle
…the amazing People
…the pace of Life
…the Lake
…the Waterskiing
…the Outdoors
…the sense of Adventure
…the Quiet
…then the Craziness that comes with New Year/Summer/Snow Season/Challenge Wanaka etc
…the Tracks
…the Walks
…the stunning Houses dotted amongst the tiny old bach’s
…the Snow
…the Starlit night sky
…the Summer
…the Winter

…the sensational Gelato ;-)…

…the fact you can go into the supermarket with your Wetsuit on still (1/2 off as you had no other clothes) to pick up the essentials on the way back from waterskiing and no one bats an eyelid…anyone else thinking “togs-togs-undies“…yup that was me!

We were camping in Wanaka with family and just had the most amazing relaxing and adventure filled time there.
Importantly also some just simple quality Mother-Daughter time with Miss 13 (& no Homework for 8 weeks – woop-woop).
Over the next little while I will tell you more about Wanaka and what we got up to.

We then spent a week in Twizel which is completely different from Wanaka, but a great place to hang out and explore.


Twizel, New Zealand – The most amazing coloured water in NZ!


Twizel, a true quintessential New Zealand town where in the evening the streets are so quiet that you can walk along the middle of the road with your friends in your bare feet in your togs still wet from a swim in the river back home yakking about the day.

I unplugged over the Holidays:

…I barely looked at my cellphone
…I didn’t open my computer
…I stayed off the internet
…I only read the occasional newspaper
…I continued to not wear a watch or know what the time was

I did still post some Tweets and Instagrams here and there but that was it…



Unplugged in Wanaka, New Zealand


I love technology and the beauty of be able to do such clever things, but it was also absolutely glorious being unplugged.

I know I’ve only been blogging for less than 6 months and experts would say that not blogging and being inactive for over a month would be detrimental to my blog…and that may be right…but unplugging was an amazing refresh and more important than anything this year.

Our time away in the South Island was refreshing, family focused, mind de-cluttering, fun filled, rejuvenating, heart warming, uplifting, fresh air breathing, water cleansing, quality time spending, reminiscent and new memory making…

The South Island sure does have my heart!

…I find it so hard to leave…

What did you get up to over the holidays?  
Where you away or did you have some quality time at home?  
What’s your favourite place in New Zealand?
Did you unplug also over the Holidays too?



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