Sharing what I’m hearing from God – February 2014

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God in the City – He is with me wherever I go

I was reminded on Saturday morning that God is walking with me wherever I go…

In nature…

At home…

At Work…

At Church…

When I’m doing something wrong…

When I’m Blogging…

When I’m being a Mom…

When I’m Running…

When I’m laughing…

When I’m crying…

When I’m succeeding…

When I’m failing…

& even when I’m in Wellington stopped at the traffic lights in the City :-)

This picture just happened to be…    what was sticking out the top of a lamp post!

I was on the Motorway at 12:51pm on Saturday, 3 years since the devastating, life changing Earthquake in Christchurch.

I still took that time and prayed through that time for Christchurch & its people & everyone that the Earthquake affected in some way big or small…no matter where in the world they were/are now.

The way people expressed and worked through their grief, fears, pain and anxieties was different and surprising for every person.  Everything has a ripple down effect, we just sometimes just can’t see it.

I’m so proud of how Friends, Family & the City have come so far from that day of tragedy.

You found strengths you didn’t know you had.

You formed stronger bonds with the people you love and strangers that will forever make a difference.

You started ‘talking’ about stuff that you maybe wouldn’t have been brave enough to talk about before.

I tangibly felt even through your crappiest of crappy times, the hardest days and the scariest nights that he was there with you in the middle of it whether you knew it or not.

I felt it when you talked me through what you were going through.

I felt it when you found yourself able to do extraordinary things.

I feel it when I look back and remember you have changed, but also how far you have come.

Christchurch and its people are rebuilding stronger than ever, not just in structure but in family, community and love.

Every time I am there I am excited to see the what is coming, what is being built, what creativeness is being showcased and the vision for its future.



I LOVE flying into Christchurch, New Zealand


Know that we are often praying for you – the people I love and know and the people I am still yet to meet and will continue to do so.

We will always remember & still always love-love-love coming to visit-stay-hangout in your amazing city of Christchurch.

When I’m there, I also know he is there with me – and with you too.


Much love

Wellington Chic xx



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