REVIEW: Vitarium Sugar Free Drinking Mix – Chocolate, Strawberry & Banana

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In our House we LOVE Milkshakes … & Smoothies … & cute mustache straws!

Rarely no day goes by without Miss14 or I making one at some stage. We think our Milkshakes Rock our taste buds love us for it :-)


Early morning Winter Sports Training, means Miss14 is up having breakfast at 5.15am.
It has to be a quick piece of Toast, then into training gear and out the door at ‘Ridiculous O’Clock’.

I make what I call a ‘Smoothie & Go’ for her to take with her, as after training she is starving again.

It needs to be a quick refueling as then she is immediately into First Period at School. She drinks it while on the move to class.

I whizz it up at home, pour it into a
Nalgene bottle and pop a small ice pack beside it to keep the milk portion cold.

It works really well.

She LOVES them and says it’s the ‘best thing ever’ to have after hard-as

So if we can make our “Smoothie & Go” ‘better’ for us, by using Vitarium
Sugar Free Drinking Mix (less sugar than previous mix’s we use) then it’s a
Win-Win :-)

I also get serious Mom Kudos for giving her yummy things for after training.


Has it really got less sugar?
– Yup, 100% less, as they are sugar free – whoop whoop!


I do my best to stay away from products that use Aspartame, so we are very pleased to see Vitarium doesn’t have it and contains absolutely NO artificial ingredients.

No Aspartame, no Saccharin, no Sucrose, no Artificial colours or flavours!

How do they get their sweet taste still?
They are naturally sweetened with Natvia a 100% Natural Sweetner.


OK, BUT most IMPORTANTLY – How do they taste?


Miss14 and I have made all 3 flavours, initially as just simple MilkShakes:

• 200ml icey cold Milk
• 4 Teaspoons of Vitarium Mix
Whizzed in the bullet up for 2 seconds & poured into a glass with a cute straw

How did they fare?

Full of flavour, Creamy, Milkshakey.  A great deal tastier than previous Sugar Free drinks I have tried.  These were good.

Miss14’s favourite is the Strawberry which is interesting, as it’s not normally a flavour she would gravitate towards.

My favourite Mix was the Banana, again, not what I thought I would favour.  But closely followed by the Chocolate.

Would I hunt these out in the supermarket myself?  Absolutely :-)




The mix’s are also:

• Gluten Free
• Nut Free
• Wheat Free
• Egg Free
• Yeast Free
• GMO Free

They also appear to be FODMAP friendly and easily tolerated by those needing to follow that diet when mixed with the likes of ZeroLacto or Lacto free milk.
(I’m not an expert, so please do your own checking first).


So in our FODMAP friendly Smoothie we put:


• 200ml icey cold Lactofree Milk
• 1/2 Banana
• 2 Teaspoons Vitarium Mix
• Big spoon of Peanut Butter
Seeds (ones you are tolerable to)  We use the likes of Power & Go seeds:
(has likes of Linseed, black Sesame Seeds, Hulled Buckwheat, Chia Seeds, Strawberry pieces)

Whizzed up in the bullet for 5-10 seconds & poured into a glass or bottle – YUM!


What else do you think I could use Vitarium’s Sugar Free Mix’s in?
Have you tried any of the flavours yet?
What other suggestions do you have of what I could add to our Smoothies?



Kiwi Mummy Blogs

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Come over, have a read, say Hi and we can get to know each other.


KMB’s connected me with the awesome people at Vitarium and let me try out their products for free to see what we thought :-)


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