Remembering the Christchurch Earthquake – 22nd February

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Remembering this tragic day 4 years ago in Christchurch – 22 February 2011.

Thinking so much of all my Christchurch friends, family, loved ones and the people (past & present) of Christchurch even extra more today!

I am always in awe of their ongoing strength they show through vulnerability, their perseverance through tragedy, loss and immense upheaval in their lives and the love that they share with all of those around them.

Always hopeful and excited for the future of Christchurch and all it’s amazing people, all what is to come and what they all will yet achieve.

Just seeing the amazing use of new technologies, giant leaps in building innovations, state of the art techniques and a city that will be punctuated with the memories and respect of old and what has been and the exciting future of the new makes me so proud of Christchurch.

I love you all and are sending virtual hugs to each of you.

Reading through some of the reporting today and remembrance captures my heart always.

But this story published 2 years ago and the initial mention of this little girl 4 years ago captured me probably the most out of all of the 100’s that I have read over the years:

Mother’s survival against the odds via

There were just a couple of reports at the time of a man (reported at the time) picking up the girl from under her ‘deceased’ Mother & ‘running’ full speed with her in his arms all the way to the hospital, & then a hospital report that their first patient was this man running in with her in his arms, then he took off again.

To me this just screams ‘acting on adrenaline and instinct’ – running full speed all the way from there to the hospital!.

Abbie was the the first person the hospital received with earthquake injuries that day.

Don’t know why this one stuck with me the most, but this made me bawl my eyes out at the time. I remember searching weeks latter on the internet to see if she had survived & was ok, but couldn’t find anything.

I was absolutely delighted to read a whole 2 years latter this amazing story of her survival!

To be able to read that it was hugely down to a man called Joe Roy and an Ashburton farmer and couple of boys on Skateboards + of course all of the medical team that recieved her….but then also the even more amazing survival of her Mother Olivia!!!

Unbelievably awesome miracle and they are two amazing stories of survival.
(I bawled my eyes out even more again).

Sending prayers out to the both of them for their further recovery & their families future :-)

Here is to the memories we hold today and what will come tomorrow.

Love WC xxx

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  1. Amber Melody at THE BEAUTIFUL LENS says:

    That is a beautiful photo. Hard to believe it’s been 2 years.

    Amber. x

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Thanks Amber, have you been into the Cardboard Cathedral in Christchurch?

      • Amber Melody at THE BEAUTIFUL LENS says:

        I’ve never been to the South Island!

        • Wellington Chic says:

          Are you happy exploring the North Island or is the South Island somewhere you would like to go sometime?

          I’m the opposite, I’m from the South. But live in the North….but have SOOOO much yet to explore in the North Island yet, as nearly all of our holidays and adventures are still down South!


          • Amber Melody at THE BEAUTIFUL LENS says:

            My dad & all of his side of the family are Kiwi. I visited lots as a kid but I haven’t been back to NZ since I took my husband to Auckland in 1999! He’s been skiing on the South Island though – and says it’s amazing. x

          • Wellington Chic says:

            Wow, 1999! Must be time for another visit then 😉

            I have to agree, the South Island (& Skiing in it – is amazing).

            Is there anywhere in New Zealand that you would stil love to go and see?


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