#NZBloggers – Sage – Am I the only one that feels like this?

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Am I the only one that feels like this?

I have virtually no natural desire or urge to COOK!

None, nadda, niltch, zip.

Occasionally the urge takes over and by choice I rock into the kitchen and whip something fantastic up…but that’s few and far between.

Am I the only person in the world that feels like this?

#NZBloggers Sage No Desire to Cook
I LOVE to eat delicious Food.

I love the act of sitting down together with family, friends and people you love to eat, catch up and while away the hours together.

I like buying yummy Food.

I enjoy reading Food Blogs like this one and this one and this one annnnd this one.

I enjoy flicking through the odd Cook book.  I even own quite a few.


If I didn’t haaaaave to cook, I probably wouldn’t.

Of course I DO cook…you know

…would starve if not

…you know kid needs feeding – like everyday!

…you know vegetables need to be eaten…blahdy blahdy blah

But its very nearly always reluctantly.

Is it just me out here in the internets on my own confessing my dislike of cooking…or are you one of these Mom’s too?

In years past, sometimes I would feel guilty that I wasn’t ‘THAT Mother’ that was a whizz in the kitchen that just LOVED feeding her family with delicious home cooked meals…

But nope, no more, no time for guilt.

I have about a dozen or so dishes that I can cook really well that taste delicious, so that gets us by.

What’s that got to do with the #NZBloggers topic – SAGE (that I’m a month late on)?

NZ Bloggers Blog Greatness ChallengeSource – #NZBloggers

I’m late to the party with the Blog Greatness Challenge…but I was reading through the list and the very first one (from MAY!!!) was SAGE…

I giggled thinking…goodness me what would I write about Sage?

I don’t even quite know exactly what it is?

Or how I would use it?

But thinking about Sage further, I worked out that, I would rather:

…Pay a Cook…than a Housecleaner

…Pay a Cook…than a Gardener (and I also don’t love gardening)

…Pay a Cook…and work an extra hour at work everyday

…Pay a Cook…than even having my dishwasher!

I can’t afford to pay a cook…but maybe one day!  😉

I love the My Food Bag concept, and think it’s a great idea for families (if in budget).  The food looks DELICIOUS!

…but I kinda wish that Nadia would turn up everynight and cook it also for me…

…hey I would even be happy to have the very 1st person voted off MKR cook it for me…

…hey I would actually even be happy with anyone that can wield a pot and whip some yummy food up at my disposal.

Being a Single Parent its just about always ME on cooking.

Yes Miss 15 cooks and cooks quite well.  But reality is, she has a very full schedule not just during the week but weekends too where Homework, Multiple Trainings, Study, NCEA and commitments take priority.
There’s not alot of downtime, so the last thing I want to do is pull her away from finishing assignments to cook…so it’s still me.

Note to future husband out there…start cooking…

They often say “The way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach”…but maybe in my case “The way to my heart is through my stomach”!

Did you always love cooking…or something that came latter?

Sometimes I wonder if in 5 years time, it will hit me and I’ll be like “Ohhhhhh, that’s what everyone is talking about!

Maybe I’ll even learn what to do with Sage 😉




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  1. Madeleine “NZ Ecochick” says:

    Hey sweets, I so hear you. I was SO whee you were a few years back. the only time I would cook was if I felt inspired by something. I often joke (I;m half joking) I married my husband because he can cook. I will make sure my boys can cook before they leave home!! However things really changed for me when I looked at food differently. I guess it coincided with reading more about food and this lead to me doing my nutritional studies. I started looking at food as its components and as fuel for my cells rather than just a way to fill my stomach as it need filled again for the third time that day. If you want to chat about food/ nutrition please sing out it would be great to see you again Mx

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Hellllloo Miss Mads

      Isn’t it funny I actually thought about you at some point as I was writing my post, as I am always in awe of the amazing nutritious things you whip up at your place for your family. (the wonderful & the weird ;-))

      Strange isn’t it, I’m in awe of what you do (and I want to eat just about all them), but still have no actual desire to whip them up myself!

      YES-yes-yes to ensuring the boys can cook before they leave home, such a great skill you can instill in them.
      It totally makes sense that learning more about food propels the interest in what you do in life. I’m so glad you found what motivates you and your doing your amazing studies on it.

      Yeah to husbands that can cook, it’s an attractive quality!!!

      Now tell me lovely, what on earth do you put Sage in? I’ve got no clue.


  2. Paula says:

    I’m not a cooking person, I probably could if I tried but I have no interest in it . I would rather clean, garden etc than cook. I love looking at cookbooks and own a few but the spark to cook or passion to cook isn’t there. I love food too and new creations . It’s quite funny and though often annoying as the rest of my family are cooking people.

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Oh Paula

      You have made my day…someone else that totally gets this!

      I hear you, would rather clean…eeeek garden if I had too and just about anything else to get out of it.

      I’ve learnt to totally embrace those peeps around me that ARE cooking people as then I just get to eat ALL the yummyness :-)

      Even if it means I am on dishes – haha

      Do you have a few go-to meals that you make to get you by?


  3. Meagan Kerr says:

    I love cooking, but I often feel like I don’t have time and so I stick to the tried and true. My partner works evenings, so for 4 nights a week it’s just me for tea which is a bit uninspiring.

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Hey Meaghan

      I hear you, when it’s just me I feel even less like cooking and very uninspired!

      What’s your Go-To meals for when you do cook when it’s just you?


  4. […] will attempt cook one of my small repertoire of dishes that actually taste good, play with the kids and earn my accommodation […]

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