Moving to the City – Wellington City

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Moving to the City – Wellington City.


Oriental Bay, Wellington

Oriental Bay, Wellington

Part of me wanted to move into the City…but honestly the biggest part didn’t want to move.

We loved the suburb we were living in at the time and all the things we could do close by to our home.  We really enjoyed living in the actual house we were in, we had been very fortunate to be able to rent such a Modernised, Clean, Roomy, Garaged, Large Lawned, Inviting & Cosy home.

But our lives were changing, we were entering an exciting new part of our lives next year and so move we must if we wanted to maximize our options.

We thought about it long and hard for months and months prior.  We prayed about it, did our research, we did our budgets, we went through ALL of the pro’s and con’s we could foresee.
It kinda seemed a ‘bit nuts’, as we were onto a good thing where we currently lived…but it felt right to be stepping out into this opportunity.

It would have been so much ‘easier’ to stay where we were, in our comfort zone and go down the expected straight path…but we have never been a family to take the ‘easy road’, or do things the ‘around the right way’.

That is something I will always be very appreciative of how my parents bought us up…they lead by example and encouraged all of us to take those chances, to not always take the most obvious path, to attempt something people say you can’t and to find a way to make it happen if you know it’s right.

Decision was made.  We would look at moving into Wellington City, aiming for May/June 2012.

….arrrghhh…now we had made the decision…it suddenly seemed alot scarier…but we were stepping forward anyway…


Oriental Bay, Wellington

Oriental Bay, Wellington


We thought we would have to ‘compromise’ on lots of things in order to be able to make it work, like:

  • That it would be much ‘noisier’ than we were used to
      (although sometimes it was use making the noise currently :-)
  • That our neighbours might be much closer than we liked
    (and they could be ones that could feature on the TV program ‘Neighbours at War’)
  • That traffic would be busy and annoying getting in and out and around the city
  • We would loose our ‘spare room’ and we have alwasy loved having people stay
  • That we would miss our green grass and space to just walk out onto
  • That we wouldn’t have as much room in our house
    (and the one we currently in seemed the perfect size, even when it was filled with 16 kids from Miss 13’s class for the end of year party/sleepover)
  • That the house would probably have to be much older and not as nice as we were use to
    (I’ll be honest, I like ‘nice’, not such a fan of ‘grotty’)


Wellington Harbour

Wellington Harbour


I had been “watching” houses and apartments on Trademe – Wellington Property for a good few months leading up to our decisions, so I knew what types of things were available and what sorts of things had been coming up.  So when the date rolled around (1st May) when it was time to start ‘actively’ looking, I leapt into action shortlisting what was online that day.

There was a variety of places for us to look at, ranging from stand alone houses further out of the ‘City’, but still in ‘Wellington’, to tiny minuscule apartments in the heart of the City.

The first place we viewed the very next day was a flat/house in Khandallah which looked like it got absolutely no sun at all and didn’t feel like an inviting place to come home to.  But it was a good place to start as it gave us a benchmark (but I was hoping like crazy that we would find better than that!)

The very next place we viewed (2nd May), was completely different.

Even when I did the drive by, I was aware that it ‘seemed’ pretty good from what I could see.  We were able to get a viewing the same day and walking through the apartment, in a way it seemed like it was too good to be true.
That everything I had been ‘watching’ on Trademe prior to now in our price range in the areas we were looking in, didn’t compare at all to this.

It seemed perfect.

I praying about it (quickly whilst walking around) and then talking it over with Miss 13 to gauge she was feeling the same thing.  We were both getting that feeling that this felt very right even though it had come about very quickly into our ‘search’ (only 2 days in).
We let the landlord know that we would like to be considered and handed over our References and our “Rental CV” (I’ll write a post about how to do a Rental CV soon) that I had bought with us.  He was very keen to give us the place, but there was another group that had just been through that had first dibs on it that the Landlord was waiting to hear back from first.

We then had to be patient and wait…


Lyall Bay, Wellington - Stunning even in Winter 2013

Lyall Bay, Wellington – Stunning even in Winter 2013


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