How to write a ‘Rental CV’ and why it rocks!

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How to write a ‘Rental CV’ and why it rocks!…

In my first ever post Moving to the City Wellington I talked about handing to my new potential ‘Landlord’ of the Apartment we were really hoping would be ours our ‘Rental CV’.

Some of you may have heard of a Rental CV, others not, so I thought I would share it here as I have found it to be invaluable over the past 12 years of renting.

Rental CV example

Rental CV example

It lays out on one page:

  • Name
  • Contact phone numbers
  • A few points about yourself/family on why pick us
  • Rental Property history
  • Contact details of each referee

This is then attached as the front page and stapled to your accompanying printed written references from said referees.

Copy off a good handful of copies of both your cover page and copies of the references and have these stapled together and ready to go when you go out ‘viewing places’.

I have had every landlord I have given it too compliment me on it.  I give it when I say ‘We would love to be considered for the place’ – ‘here is our Rental CV and references’.  I know it has gone along way in helping make their decision that we are the right tenants for their home and that totally rocks!…more below


Being a single Mum also, I did feel that it also helped encourage my positive points for if they had any ‘concerns’ about me ‘not paying’ or having a billionty kids that were going to wreck the place.  If the landlord hadn’t had a chance to ‘chat’ with me and didn’t get to ask any of those natural questions about who you are etc…it was all there in front of them…good rental history, steady stable professional job…prides herself in presentation…a great character reference to back it all up too.

I tried to find the right mix between it being ‘professional’ but not too ‘square’…hence my use of language in the bullet points.

I have attached a copy of a ‘mock’ one here> based around similar things I presented on mine to help you draft your own ‘Rental CV’.



Pro’s (why they rock):

  • Presents a professional image
  • Shows you are serious about your search
  • Shows you are happy to lay out your history, showing transparency
  • A way to make you stand out amongst other ‘potentials’
  • If you decide you like the place, it makes it 100 times easier to fill out ‘application forms’ on the spot as you have 90% of the information they will be asking for right in front of you
  • Easy to locate ‘referee’s when the landlord is ready to call them, rather than on that scrappy receipt you fished out of your bag to scribble your old landlords number on
  • Gives them something to write on when talking with said referee
  • They can see easily at a glance when talking to said referee what location the house was at and for how long you lived there all reinforcing transparency
  • Having a picture of you/& family on the front helps remind them who you are when they are short listing from 5, 10, 40 applicants


  • Can’t think of any real cons
  • Takes a bit of time to pull together, but worth every minute and should be easy to update for future
  • If you have a ‘dodgy’ history, it’s probably not so easy to pull off well, but at least you could talk-up your good qualities!!


Have you ever used a Rental CV when applying for rental homes?

Do you think you might now next time?


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