How to go early morning running in Wellington

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How to go early morning running in Wellington

Morning running Wellington

So I did something this morning I never do…

If I’m honest it kinda really sucked and was kinda seriously awesome all at the same time :-( :-)

Nothing ground breaking…or internet breaking.

Nothing earth shattering.

But a big deal for me.

I went for a Run…

But not just ‘any’ run.

Going Running is not toooooo obscure for me, as I flit through periods of my life of being runner and running and entering races…and being consistent at it and perfecting my slightly faster than walking running style…but also flit back to not running for months in between.

But why was this Run so different?

I went early morning Running in Wellington…yup, in the early hours of this morning…before work!

I have never in my whole life ever accomplished that…ever.

This, to me was ground breaking…earth shattering…a big deal.

For all the millions of you out there who are runners before work, and wonder why it is so ground breaking to me, well it’s because I have never been early morning running in the 30+ years of my life!

I have always been an after work, after school even until late in the evening runner.

I always liked the concept of early morning running, it sounded good, popping out for a quick run before you head to work…

But the execution of it, the reality of it, never-ever happened.

The earliest I have ever Run in my day (bar entering races) would be 3pm.

I mean we water ski in the early hours of the morning when there is the best water…we Snow Ski sometimes even being one of the first on the mountain…on School Camps we are up at a sparrows fart off out tramping….hey in summer we even early morning swim out to the raft at 6am…

Early morning running – nope, nada, never!

As a Single Parent to a very busy Teenager we always have so much going on of a morning, we are up ridiculously early as it is, to get out the door to Sports Training, School and work each day.

Then there is the over-riding issue…I cherish my sleep ALOT and sleep cherish’s me back just as much.

So the thought of sacrificing sleep to go running just has never ever won in my book life world and it never wins.

Until today.

So how after 30+ years did I change an un-habit of a Lifetime?

These are my tips that got me out the door this morning, try them for yourself.

How to go for an early morning Run:

(when it feels like the most foreign concept in the world)

Mental preparation
I had been working myself up to this morning for a very-very long time. With many false starts.
Many many many snoozes of my billionty alarms.
But this week I was very focused, very determined and very planned.

Look at the forward forecast and target a fine sunny morning.  Sunrises and sunshine gives a great incentive to get out there.  Compared to rain, hail, sleet and Wellington hurricanes.

Equipment Prep:

› I lay out my Tights, Singlet, Sports Bra…even in order or what goes on first!

› My Running Sneakers* were at the ready even with socks dangling in them waiting for my foot/s.

› I put my hairbrush, hairtye, facecloth, toothbrush in centre front in the bathroom.

› In front of the front door I placed my Spibelt*, SNAP LOCK® bag (for my iphone*), my house key, my $10 note and my Running whispy jacket thing with a Tissue and that barely sugar (for emergencies if I keel over halfway along the waterfront) in it’s pocket ready to go.

Meaning I didn’t have to look for anything at all, it was all there.

Morning running Wellington

Plan your Timeline
On a Post-it note, I mapping out working backward my times then stuck it beside my bed.
So them there was none of this ‘how much time do I have’ while drowsily waking up and talking myself out of it.

› Alarm time
› Get up time
› ‘Really’ get up time
› Out the door time
› Get Back time
› Small celebration dance (Carlton-style) time – that I actually made it happen
› Shower time
› Leave for work time

I lay out my Magic Bullet Cup and ingredients for a small easy smoothie for as soon as I jumped out of bed to have something in my stomach (so I had less chance of keeling over).
Also nothing worse that rifling in the plastics cupboard at the hour of the morning trying to find that damn elusive bullet cup (I hate my plastics cupboard).

No Kids
I picked a day that Miss 15 ways away, so I knew I wasn’t going to get delayed by her needing something or even have to think about getting her out the door.  I needed no obstacles, including parenting obstacles even if they were only in my head.

Sleep in an un-comfortable bed

My Bed is just so so so damn comfortable.
Seriously I have the best damn bed in all of land.  I have had it for a billionty years, like it’s a Wellington Beds circa 1997 and is still A-Mazing.
Wellington Beds, after all these years I feel like you are secretly still conspiring against me going out early morning running every morning 😉

But as I lay there this morning awake, in my ridiculously comfortable said bed and saying to myself “you have been planning this for donkey’s years, I know your bed is ridiculously comfy and you could loll here for another hour in snoozy sleepy bliss, but come on damn it today is the day” and got all Oprah-fied and told myself “Live your Best Life”…
“Yes to sleeping sometimes…but not today…today is your independence day” all Bill Pullman/President like…
Ok, so now I was cracking myself up at my cheesy Hollywood inspiration, but it got me up.
Thanks Oprah and Bill.
Comfy bed = so much harder to go early morning running.

Will I do it again…go early morning running…probably…maybe…

Probably not tomorrow…hey who am I kidding probably not even next week.

But now I know I can…

Now I know it kinda worked…and what helped.

Now I know I didn’t keel over and die (well nearly at the lights after 10 minutes into it)…but at least I had with me my emergency Barley Sugar…and emergency eftpos card for if Barley sugar didn’t kick in and I had to limp home in a Taxi!

Ok peeps tell me…

When do you Run?
Are you an early morning Runner?
Or what time do you prefer?
What helps you get out the door?


Wednesday morning UPDATE:

So…um…this happened again this morning!

How long does it take to crack an un-habit and turn it into a habit I wonder?

28 more times?

54 more times?

Morning running Wellington

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  1. Nicola says:

    Go you!! I love running but I’m definitely not a morning person. Only because I can never get up early enough because I go to bed too late… I’ve tried a few times, but I’m thinking I’d like to try again. You’ve inspired me. It’s a great way to start the day and I do run in the morning in the weekends.

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Hi Nicola
      I totally hear you, as that IS me and has been me for all my life, late in the day yes, but early morning = pipe dream (or sweet dreams if you’re still sleeping ;-))
      But this week I was so determined and prepped everything I wrote about.
      Any tips for what you find you can eat/dont before morning runs, so you have energy/but not the stitch?

  2. Rochelle says:

    Yah! Go you! I love early morning running but small children…urgh! One day!

    • Wellington Chic says:

      I know, crazy aye, so crazy that I went again on Wednesday & again on Friday!
      Do you have a favourite running route/tip around the Wellington region somewhere?

  3. Anna says:

    Well done you!! I’m impressed. hoping to impress myself one of these days also.. :)

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