Friday Night Lites: Adventure Travel, Breathtaking Drawings, Faces in Things & Encouraging Single Parents

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Got some time to chill out and have a read around the web tonight?

Have a look at what caught my eye across the interwebs this week with Friday Night Lites:





  • I’ve been loving reading recently the adventures and highlights on the Young Adventuress blog I have discovered written by Liz Carlson.
    A solo female traveler (adventuress) who has traveled, worked and lived in multiple countries and is currently residing in    New Zealand.
    I love reading about her overseas adventures (or misadventures as she calls them) and now also the fantastic things she’s getting up to here in New Zealand.



Young Adventuress – Follow Liz on her fun adventures around the world
and now right here in New Zealand



  •  I’m not particularly into looking at art…so I never knew that watching an artist work would be just so memorising and so awe inspiring.
    It’s @faery_sarah ‘s Instagram page that captured my eye and I am loving seeing her breathtaking drawings come to life.  The details of the wispy bits of hair, the minuscule waft of a birds feature and the life she draws in the eyes that jump off the page = sensational.
    She takes on work by commission, drawing from your photographs and has a gorgeous array of cards and prints in her Felt shop .
    What a truly unique lifetime gift these drawings would make for your kids, nieces, nephews, parents…



Watch Faery Sarah’s amazing skill as her drawings come alive on the page



  • This page always makes me smile when it pops up on my Twitter feed @FacesPics .
    Sometimes the most simple little faces embedding into the most simple of things and with such expression makes me chuckle.  It also makes me see funny faces in all sorts of places now :-)





  • Loved finding this short article by Joyce Meyer on Encouraging Single Parents.
    Just short quick tips that are a great reminder as we walk throughout our day. I’m always encouraged to hear No. 3 and I pray that for Miss 13 so often for the all the days/times that it’s only me & I feel like Im failing her at every turn.



Joyce Meyer – Encouraging Single Parents



Happy Friday everyone – enjoy the weekend :-)

What have you seen lately that has caught your eye on the interwebs?



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