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1. Laser Eye Surgery – An overview of my experience

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Laser Eye Surgery – An overview of my experience

I was fascinated by Laser Eye Surgery, but this was ‘before’ I even knew I needed glasses!
laser eye surgery review new zealand


I was 13 years old when I first ever heard about the technological wonder of super clever doctors with super high tech machines being able to correct your vision.

It was only 1 year latter at age 14 that I needed my first pair of glasses. Fortunately it was quite a trendy thing to have them at my School in Nelson, so I didn’t mind rocking them out in class when I needed to.

I sashayed through life with various pairs of stylish frames.
9 years ago I made the exciting leap to contact lenses and persevered with them for years. But unfortunately they never felt comfortable in my eyes and I struggled to wear them for more than a few hours at a time before being nearly ready to rip my eyes out! I also struggled to find the money in my ‘weekly’ budget for more replacement lenses and cleaning solution.

Laser Eye Surgery was always in the back of my mind, but I had never taken the time to actively look further into it.
In reality I also thought it was for “other people” that must really need it for something, you know like ‘important people’. Not just ordinary Jane Bloggs old me.

But, my life over the last 6 years has become more active, which meant we were spending more time outside and more and more my glasses were exposed to more harsh conditions. My eyes and my brain also suffered from constant irritation and annoyance of when I did wear contact lenses. Both were simply were not cutting it anymore.

I started to daydream more and more about the prospect of Laser Eye Surgery and the freedom that ‘seemed’ to go with it.

While on holiday in the South Island over Christmas in 2011, it was a conversation with my cousin who was over visiting from Canada that was real tipping point.

laser eye surgery review new zealand

PK had had his vision corrected recently and I was so pleased to be able to talk with a real person about their experience and ask questions.

Once we got back home from Holiday I started to actively look into the options and do my research on ALL the factors involved.
I was able to find plenty of info on the actual surgery available, but I was really interested to hear from more real life people about their experiences which I found hard to find.

After narrowing my choices down, I booked free assessments with a clinic in Wellington and a clinic in Christchurch where I have family and friends.

Being happy with everything I saw, heard and experienced with my free assessment at the Wellington Eye Centre I then followed through with the next step of having a Medical Assessment.

Dr Andrew Logan confirmed after the various medical test that YES I was a perfect candidate for Laser Eye Surgery. – Yeeha, it was all on now!

4 weeks latter I had the surgery.

My experience with the Wellington Eye Centre was fantastic!

I felt very comfortable, well informed, looked after through the whole procedure including all prior appointments and Post-Op appointments.

The surgery itself was so very quick, not at all as bad as you imagined and leaves you baffled by why you were worried about it.

My recovery was faster and better than I even expected and I was blown away by the amazing clear vision results in such a short time.

I absolutely LOVE the freedom of having my NEW EYES…

Looking back if I had of been able to, I would have made it happen years ago so I could have enjoyed the benefits of my new eyes all this time.

I encourage anyone that is ‘thinking’, ‘musing’ or ‘umming and arrring’ about having Laser Eye Surgery to find the closest clinic, check them out and book your first assessment TODAY.

Don’t wait, as I am so confident that you will be so pleased you did it.

I’m not a Doctor and I’m not a medical professional. But feel free to ask me any ‘general’ questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them from my own experience.

I wasn’t able to find many peoples ‘personal’ experiences in my research. But I found through talking with friends and family about my own experience afterwards, that it encouraged many of them to look into it themselves and book appointments.

I wanted to share my experience with more people so it may help you in your own decision to have Laser Eye Surgery.

The above is a short summary of Laser Eye Surgery. But I have detailed my complete journey and all the steps here for a more detailed descriptive look.  These will be posted in the weeks to come.


laser eye surgery review new zealand


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