#brunchclub Bloggers are all so different

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What I love is that #brunchclub Bloggers are all so different…and each one of us is diverse both in our Blog and in our lives.

#brunchclub Bloggers
This is a fabulous bunch of women (men are welcome) whom I may not have ever met, in my normal daily life, because our lives lead such different paths.

But that is exactly why it is so cool.

I’m ‘old’, I have a teenager and I write about Parenting and a whole lot of other palava like random post about The Bachelor NZ and Mud Races

If I’m honest I’m old enough nearly to be some of these women’s Mother! NB: That’s a dig at just how old I am, not how young they are 😉

But with that said, that’s why it is so great – that we are all so different.

I find the conversations really interesting, engaging, varied and I learn a little something from each one of these talented writers.

#brunchclub Bloggers are all so different
It doesn’t matter who we are, where we have come from or even really what we blog about, we are here for one common goal ~ our love of Blogging.

With that we all come to #brunchclub with our strengths and weaknesses.

Yes its cool when two similar types of bloggers come together as maybe that will mean they may be able to collaborate in future or share tips etc…

But I learn just as much from talking to a Makeup Blogger as I do off a Travel Blogger as I do off a Food Blogger :-)

That’s also what I love about the connections you make online with other Bloggers, sure some are in your genre, but often they are not, but something clicked and you get on like a house on fire.

drexels breakfast restaurant wellingtoThis months #brunchclub was at the famous Drexels Breakfast Restaurant on Waring Taylor Street.

A unique place as they serve Breakfast ALL DAY (well from really early in the morning til 2pm)… and have been around in New Zealand for 25 years with its roots in Christchurch.

They say they are an American Diner experience with a Kiwi twist and that’s a perfect way to describe exactly what you experience when you dine here.

Heading to #brunchclub this morning I was not quite the same Scardey Cat as I was last month, but if I’m honest I was still a bit nervous about it and made sure I was there nice an early (a tip from my previous post).

I head in and arrived at the same time as the lovely Dani from Dani Pohlod and we were quickly joined by Kahurangi from xox Bubbles whom I hadn’t met before but recognised instantly from her Facebook profile (which always feels a bit weird when you recognise someone, but don’t actually know them).

Drexels is unique, as you go in off the street and head down under street level to their Restaurant, something that doesn’t happen very often in Wellington!

#brunchclub Bloggers are all so different
It was absolutely chocka block with people and they were spilling out the seams, they have quite a large seated waiting area and we filled that up and then some with around 15 people waiting.

There were kids and kids and more kids and even though I have a kid/teen myself, I wondered if this amount of kids would do my head in.

Morgan from Hyacinth Girl, Georgina from Baby Rebel Blog arrived and we were soon ushered to our table.

We were offered COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE pretty much as soon as we sat down.  Or in my case a Mango Fruit smoothie – yummo.

I’m pleased to say that once seated we were all spaced out enough I didn’t even notice the kids anymore and even though the noise level of the place was quite high, it wasn’t too hard to talk.

Emma from Muffin Mum, Hannah from Mind the Crumbs, ZaretteJenna from The Adventures of Jenjaroo and Alice from NINETYNINECLUB soon joined us to complete our group.

We got to hear a little about the inaurgural Palmerston North #brunchclub that happened yesterday which some of the women had driven up for to attend and they had rave reviews.

It was exciting to hear that another #brunchclub is up and running and the idea that started not that long ago by these fabulous women is not only spreading its wings even further, but is helping bring together, network, build relationship and help inspire us all in our Blogging journey.

drexels breakfast restaurant wellington
I hope we may have some cross over Wellington / Palmerston North events in future.

If you want to join #brunchclub you can do so from their website here and then join the #brunchclub Facebook group also.

Our wait staff at Drexels were very really friendly, attentive and happily fueling our coffee drinkers habits consistently with the equivalent of a Coffee IV drip to their delight.

Like Loretta’s last month there were so many things on the menu I could have chosen, but settled on the Drexels Breakfast Treat with Pancakes, Fresh Fruit and extra side of Bacon and Real Canadian Maple Syrup.

My breakfast was excellent, super tasty and really fulling, the extra side of Bacon was delicious and well worth the add as there was lots of it, it had hardly any fat on it (that you normally need to cut off) and was cooked perfectly crispy but not burnt.  The pancakes were thick, fluffy and delicious.

Only feedback would be, if I’m ordering extra special Canadian Maple Syrup for an extra $2.50, I am going to expect a much larger jug than what came on my plate.  In my mind Pancakes need to be swimming in Maple syrup and this was definitely not enough for even 1/2 a pancake.  But I topped them off with the free Maple Syrup on the table and just simply wouldn’t bother with ordering the real Canadian Maple Syrup next time.

drexels breakfast restaurant wellington
Everyone’s food looked delicious, I saw a mix of waffles, French Toast and Omelettes.
A couple of our Bloggers are Gluten Free and they were well catered for being able to choose just about anything off the menu and be served it in a Gluten free way.

Our conversations at #brunchclub are very informal and truth be told aren’t particularly bloggy-fied. A little bit of light conversation around moving to self hosting, disclosure policies and working with brands, and topics that could maybe be covered on future #nzbloggers Sunday night chats.

But I don’t mind that.  Yes, I would be keen to do more workshop based metups too like they offer for #Laptopclub in Auckland, but I’m happy that #brunchclub is more about Networking and building friendships with other bloggers in a light informal way.  I find it just encouraging to my blogging to go along.

The place emptied out a little after a while and that made it easier to talk across the table, whereas beforehand you could only really talk to you neighbours and those across from you.

I’m so glad I was brave and went along to my 2nd #brunchclub and I know I will be keen and on the look out for the next one.

I look forward to meeting more and more bloggers whom I wouldn’t have normally met and forming relationships that are way beyond who you are just in our blogs.

Have you met people from different walks of life through Blogging…Twitter…Facebook etc…?

What do you love most about some of the groups you have joined?

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  1. Meagan Kerr says:

    I have been dreaming of Drexels and their gluten free adaptability for so long! However, they seem to be shutting every time I try and go there. My gripe – you can’t claim “all day breakfast” if you close at two. SOME OF US NEED 3PM PANCAKES OKAY?!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only this bugs! ‘All Day’ should mean all day (or at least until about 6:00 PM; it’s as if these people have never heard of brinner (sometimes, you just need it :D)

      • Wellington Chic says:

        Yup, I agree with you and Meagan…it’s not ALL DAY!

        As I said below, sometimes I even want Pancakes at 11pm :-)

        “Brinner” love it!

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Haha, you are SOOO right about ‘all day breakfast’ not really being all day there…!

      What came to mind was ‘some of us need 11pm pancakes!’.

      Is there a ‘Drexel’s’ clone/equivalent type place up in Auckland?


  2. Leigh-ann says:

    Now that I’ve braved the palmy #brunchclub, I’ll have to try and come down for a Wellington one soon!

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Hey Leigh-ann

      Well done on being brave and going to the Palmy one :-)


      How cool that you got to meet both Auckland organiser/Bloggers, Wellington Bloggers and Palmerston North Bloggers all in one day.

      It would be awesome to do a combined event with Welly/Palmy sometime too.

      Definitely let us know if you are coming down :-)


  3. rochelle says:

    Love Love Love this article. So guttered I couldn’t be there !!! NExt time xxxx

  4. I’m so gutted I had to miss it, I’d even gotten up the courage to go to the this one as well! Pity :( Keen for next months though woo! x

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Hi Sophie

      It would have been great to meet you, so really hope you can make it to the next one.

      Wonder where it will be this time? Not only is #brunchclub awesome, but getting to check out super cool new places in Wellington rocks!


  5. Morgan says:

    I’m so glad I got to talk to you more this time! #brunchclub is so much fun :)

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Hey Morgan

      I thought the same :-)
      It was really nice being able to all chat together once the place had quietened down a little bit.

      Also – CONGRATULATIONS on your launch onto YouTube – wooohoooo :-)

      Just watched and you have a great presence on the screen, I can’t wait to see more alongside your blog.


  6. It was lovely meeting you, and I’ll definitely be coming to more #BrunchClub brunches, now that i’ve gotten over the fear of going to my first one :)

    • Wellington Chic says:

      Hi Kahurangi

      Yay, to you being keen to come back for more #brunchclub and I’m so glad that you did get through the fear of the first one, I remember it well.

      I look forward to getting to know you more next time and reading more of your blog!


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