America’s Cup – Emirates Team New Zealand

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America’s Cup – Emirates Team New Zealand

I’m a novice when it comes to knowing much about this years America’s Cup that Emirates Team New Zealand are currently competing in, in San Francisco.

But sometime-somehow over the last 10 years without me noticing, the boat racing ‘look’ or ‘uniform’ suddenly become very gooood looking?  You could even call it kinda sexy!

See the promo shot of Team New Zealand below from their FB page.



Gone are the days of boat men (are they called yachties, or catamaranies?) donning their Orange/Yellow Wet Weather gear and home made knitted wool hats to head out on the boat (sorry Deadliest Catch guys, trying really not to dis your uniform, you do do an awesome amazing scary job, and I’m glad you stay nice and dry and identified easily)!

The races are being televised on TV at a time in the morning when we are getting to School and work, they are scheduled to start at 7.10am, 8.10am or 9.10am NZ time. So I’m only able to catch the replays on the news or the replays latter that night or if I still miss it streaming on TVNZ. But from the bits I have seen though so far, it’s very exciting.

In the history of the America’s cup, we have won it TWICE, first in 1995 & in again in 2000.

I remember when I heard the news that we won in 1995.  I was travelling oversea’s with my Parents at the time and we were in Castellana Grotte, Italy (on the back of the heel) when someone in our travel group came down and told us the news that New Zealand had won the America’s Cup! Woweeee.

No, we didn’t hear about the win from a Tweet, a Facebook update, or from watching it streaming live on our mobile…it was through a good old fashioned phone call someone had made home to their loved ones! (imagine that)
We had completed our touring for the day and were all sitting outside in the beautiful setting sun and toasting Team New Zealand’s very exciting win from the other side of the world.

I knew it was a BIG deal, but as we had been travelling I hadn’t really seen any of the racing or been part of any of the hype in New Zealand with skipper Sir Peter Blake and his Team New Zealand and the infamous ‘Red socks’.

Sir Peter Blake would wear his socks, a gift from his wife Pippa all through the 1995 competition every time he sailed. It became a support vehicle that New Zealanders could embrace by buying and wearing the Red Socks to encourage and support the team from home.

Our current skipper Dean Barker is very talented and doing a fantastic job.  I am super impressed that he is helming (is that a word?) his amazing hard working team at still such a young age of 41 as well as having a great history of success behind him.

The tension is building as the races progress and I can’t wait to see if the “America’s Cup is still New Zealand’s cup” – Peter Montgomery at the end of it all.  Hopefully we can reminisce again with a celebration drink in the sunshine.

Have you been watching any of the races?
Who are you backing?

Emirates Team New Zealand official Fan Page here>


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