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kiwifamiliesKiwi Families is in my mind the epitome of an exceptional Parenting website with a huge audience of over 25,000 families.

Below is a complete list of all the articles I’ve written for them:


5 parental lessons I MUST pass on to my daughter

We choose what parental lessons we will pass on to our own children. Do these 5 Parenting Influences align with what you hope your children learn from you?


Party ideas for 15 to 16 year old girls

By the age of 16 it’s likely your kids are being invited to ‘Drinking Parties’ by now (whether you know it or not!). So we wanted to offer you guys some other birthday party ideas that aren’t alcohol related and also aren’t considered too ‘naff’; in the eyes of a Teenager.

party ideas for 15 16 year old girls

Negotiating teen birthday parties

They balance precariously on a knife edge between wanting just fun, goofy adventure based parties to more grown up, sometimes even sophisticated themes to also wanting a full on frat party/Snoop dog/ Police-called House Party!

teen birthday parties

Tips for starting the high school year

With doing school for more than 10 years and as single parent family, we have learnt quite a bit about what works and what helps to get through the school year with more smiles than tears (both hers and mine!).

starting the high school year

Is your teen’s world really that different to yours?

You hear all the time: “We live in a different world these days”… Yes, that’s true in some ways… but maybe not as much as you think.  I’ve been thinking about things that are ‘different’… but the same, like:

Is your teens world really that different from ours?

Transitioning from tween to teen responsibilities

It’s a complicated stage as navigating the change of some activities, behaviours and responsibilities can leave us sitting on the fence as they feel like a too big a jump to take.

teen responsibilities

8 ways to help kids find their passions

One of the ways I parent is to always encourage my child (who’s now a teen) to try things, give things a go, take that tiny spark she has in something further, just to see if there is something in it… to see if it may become something she is passionate about – or not.

Help kids find their passions

Single parents navigating special calendar dates

It got me thinking about my own situation… as a single parent…About, what do I do…when juggling the celebrating of ‘special calendar dates’ with Miss 15.
Birthdays, people’s weddings, certain anniversaries, Easter, her birthday, holidays, Christmases and things like Mother’s Day.

Single Parents navigating special Calendar Dates

Welcoming teenagers into your home

They blaze into our house brimming with smiles, flailing hair, bags of clothes, a myriad of hair gadgets, school bags spilling with science and maths books and homework tasks to be completed, giant oversized art folders, the distinct crinkly sound of supermarket shopping bags full of snacks and junk food, all engulfed with the beat of their Friday afternoon Spotify playlist trailing behind them…

welcoming teens into your home

What is this ‘Geocaching’ the kids keep talking about?

I love finding new adventure-type activities, but I’ll admit I had had it explained to me once and I honestly thought…”meh…that’s sounds really techy and a bit boring”…and I didn’t really get it.


Milkshakes at midnight: Celebrating the big, small and weird things

I’ve also been very aware over all the years, that it was very important for us to make our own traditions and find new ways to celebrate big and small with just the two of us, as you can’t always rely on others being around.


13 things to equip your teen with before they go out

But once you have said yes, it is equally important to have equipped them with both in-built and practical things to help them make their way in their new found independence – before they go out.

teen going out

Questions to ask before you say YES to your teenager

Keeping things neutral, I reply “Ahhh, with the hair…!  So I haven’t met Regina yet and I also haven’t met her parents either?”
Defensively Miss 14 shoots back “No … but she’s fine … her Parent’s aren’t Axe Murders or anything and their Nanna lives with them … so they must be nice!”.

questions to ask

Entering running events with your children

It’s not always plain sailing; the last race we had entered in, Miss 14 was sick, so couldn’t race.  Last week a race we were planning on entering had to be shelved as it clashed with too many other commitments on our calendar.

Sometimes in training there have been tears, not just Miss 14’s, but mine too!

But this is some of what we have learnt along the way.

Running events with your kids

5 creative ideals for single parents

There are many areas of my family life that require creativity – some more than others! 

Here are 5 ways my creative family ideals sometimes fly out the window AND the surprising realities of life take over.

creative single parents

10 Fun Single Parent family traditions

It feels good to have and make family traditions, even more so in a Single Parent family.  It gives my daughter (Miss 13) a greater sense of family and connection, the traditions are a bit ‘special’, she can rely on them & we do also have loads of fun with them 🙂

These are some of our unique ones…

 single parent traditions

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