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My main About page is over here, but below is where you can read a little more about who/what goes into my Wellington Chic Blog :-)

Single Parenting:

I have been fluking my way through Parenthood since Miss 14 was born, becoming a Single Parent a year or so latter for the first time.

Along the road, I was blessed with Love finding me when I wasn’t looking and latter became a ‘Married’ Single Parent.

Many-many years latter I was Single Parenting again for the second time and it’s been just the two of us for over 7 years now.

Most of the time my daughter and I are a pretty awesome team.
But Miss 14 is also a Teenager now who is naturally teetering between ‘still being a kid’ and ‘asserting her independence’.

Being a Mom:

I’ve been a professional working Mom always, but over the years managed to find a balance between working ‘School’ type hours the majority of the time that still allows me to be there and be present.

Fortunate to have an employer who has allowed me to do this, to still go to School events, be Parent help on camps, bring Miss 14 to work with me when needed and accept her as part of the package.
I appreciate this greatly so am happy to pick her up and go back to work if needed, take work home and be available remotely/mobile after I leave for the day.

Our Life:

Living in a city with no family has not been easy, but we made Wellington our home over all the years and have managed to find a rhythm that ‘mostly’ works.

Sometimes it doesn’t work and I feel like I’m failing in all area’s.

Sometimes it feels like life is testing me daily, especially as Miss 14 is getting older.
I am an imperfect Mom, my daughter argues with me and pushes boundaries, but overall she is an amazing kid and I know how fortunate I am.

We are just muddling our way through and trying to find the good in things and have fun whenever we can.

Our weeks are a very full (as much as we try not to let them be) with Work, School, Church, Homework, Dancing, Rehearsals, Sports Practices and Sports Games, Events, Meetings, spending time with our friends, fitting in adventures along the way and avoiding the Kitchen and Housework as much as possible 😉

Our Summers are spent hanging out with many of the people we love Camping, going on bigger adventures, indulging in many Water Sports.  Our winters you will find us curled up on the couch with snuggly blankies watching Movies, the occasional Snowboard when we get a chance and heading out to the Coast wrapped up in our winter woollies to blow out the cobwebs and draw pictures on the sand.

Living in the city in Wellington we get to easy explore the city by walking most places and in minutes we can be out down on the waterfront to explore, got for a run or to meet with friends.

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