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Hi & Welcome to Wellington Chic Blogger

Would love to chat, so drop a note and say Hi :-)

My life is filled precariously navigating an adventure filled life as a Single Parent to a very busy Teenager.

I fit in my Blog writing (often via a 3.5 inch screen on my mobile) whilst standing in Supermarket queues, on the sidelines of sports practices or in the wee small hours of the night.

My days are spent Managing a busy office and I’m a closest blogger and computer geek by night.

Off on an adventure - Lake Ohau 2013I write about:

• Parenting
• Single Parenting
• Single Parent Families
• Life
• City Living / Apartment Living
• Teenagers
• Adventures & Escapades
Pop Culture
• Faith
• Travel
• Reviews

…and whatever else takes my fancy  :-)

Other ways to find me are:

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New here?  You may like to start with these posts:

• 10 Unique & different family traditions from a Single Parent family

• Mud…mud…glorious mud – Brookfield Butt Busta Mud Race

• Today this is Single Parenting

• I walked in & scanned the room looking for that un-familiar face…

• Planning this year, made me think about ‘My year in Review 2015’

• Tip’s for your first Opera (from a ‘non-opera go-er’)

• Survival in Devastation – International Women’s Day 2016

• Summer Time Bucket Lists – What we ticked off in 2013/14

I also love to talk about getting New Eyes
• Laser Eye Surgery – An overview of my experience


You can also find me here:

Kiwi Families
kiwifamiliesYup, I write a little bit over there.
It’s still a bit of a scary jump having my writing in front of that many eyes!  Kiwi Families is in my mind the epitome of an exceptional Parenting website with a huge audience of over 25,000 families.

My latests articles are here:
• 5 parental lessons I MUST pass on to my daughter
• Party ideas for 15 to 16 year old girls
• Negotiating teen birthday parties
• Tips for starting the high school year
• Is your teen’s world really that different to yours?
• Transitioning from tween to teen responsibilities
• 8 ways to help kids find their passions
• Single parents navigating special calendar dates
• Welcoming teenagers into your home
• ‘What is this ‘Geocaching’ the kids keep talking about?’
• Milkshakes at midnight: Celebrating the big, small and weird things
• 13 things to equip your teen with before they go out
• Questions to ask before you say YES to your teenager
• Entering running events with your children
• 5 creative ideals for single parents
• 10 Fun Single Parent family traditions

Kiwi Families
Kiwi Mummy Blogs – Reviews
Kiwi Mummy BlogsI get the chance to review some products for this awesome site.

Kiwi Mummy Bloggers showcase Mum’s who write about their daily family ramblings, their businesses and their hobbies online.



If you would like to read a little further about who this Wellington Blogger Chic is, about becoming a Single Parent and a little more on our crazy lives, you can do so here: About…More


Affiliate Links:

 Disclosure: Through my site I have various affiliate links to Amazon, Mighty Ape, The Iconic & various Advert partners.
This means that if you do click on these particular word links, shop my fav’s links, Amazon shop now links/pictures and advertisements then proceed to purchase from that site, I receive a small commission on that sale (at no extra cost to you).  They are thanking me for introducing you to their product.Which will help this Single Parent (me) to travel to all the countries I haven’t experienced yet & help get my kid through University in 2018 😉
(like this one below from MOO, they make the most fabulous cost effect Business cards!  If you need some from your blog check them out).   

MOO.COM Square Business Cards

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