5. Laser Eye Surgery Medical Assessment

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Laser Eye Surgery Medical Assessment

I made the appointment for my Laser Eye Surgery medical assessment with Wellington Eye Centre, which was the next step after the free assessment in the process of hopefully getting my eyes corrected with Laser Eye Surgery.

This is where I met with the surgeon ‘Dr Andrew Logan’ that if all going well would be doing my surgery.

He went through some of the same tests that Theo had done previously at the free assessment and spent a long time perfecting my vision with his “giant glasses attached to a piece of equipment glasses” and taking final measurements. He gave me plenty of information along the way.

One of the tests they do is to put some drops in your eyes which dilate your pupils to be able to test something else very important (that I have now completely forgotten what it was for). I had been pre-warned about this when I made the booking and that I would need to make arrangements not drive afterwards.

Then the important bit….  

YES, Dr Logan confirmed, I was defiantly a candidate to receive Laser Eye correction surgery!


Dr Logan went through in detail about the procedure he recommended he could do for my eyes, which was the FLEX Laser Vision Correction Surgery.

He also gave me a opportunity to ask questions which I did, I pulled out the ones I prepared earlier.  He had already answered many of them already throughout the appointment, but I had about 4-5 still I wanted to ask.

He answered each of these, satisfying each one. This appointment was just under 1 hour.

I’m still really glad I did go to both of the free assessments, as it gave me that piece of mind. If Wellington Eye Centre hadn’t have been an option for some reason I would have been more than happy to pursue things further with Fendalton Eye Centre.
I had made the decision earlier, that if the Doc says YES, then I’m booking the surgery then and there……………………….

I confirmed a surgery appointment which was to be just over 4 weeks away!!!

To get to my appointment, I had caught the bus from home to the clinic.
I didn’t 100% know where the bus stop was to catch the bus home, as it was going to be different with the mix of one way streets in Wellington. This posed to make it a little difficult to consult the Metlink phone page to see on the map where it was and then get myself there, as my pupils were dilated and unfocused. It also made it quite amusing 😉

Fortunately it was only a few blocks in the other direction and when I looked up to the stop info screen it was only minutes away. Yeah.
My eyes were just all weird now. They weren’t focused and they weren’t exactly blurry, just weird and you definitely wouldn’t have wanted to try and drive like that, even though you weren’t allowed to anyway.

It’s a quick bus ride to the closest stop to my place and I’m pleased, as I just feel keen to get home and get inside to hibernate. I have my sunglasses on over top of my glasses, and the light is defiantly hard to handle. I should have taken their recommendation to also bring a big floppy hat.

As soon as I get inside, I pull all the drapes and hibernate for a few hours with only one low light lamp. A couple of hours latter I went upstairs caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and wish I had have earlier, as it was awesome sight O-O.

My eyes looked crazy!!!

My pupils were of course dialiated, and look super weird :-)

I wish I had seen them earlier, as they were probably much-much bigger.

This eased off throughout the evening and was back to normal.

Laser Eye Surgery Medical Assessment Cost:
But if you go ahead, this is reduced off the cost of your surgery.

Now I just have to get myself organised and ready for surgery…I can’t wait….to be continued…

Would I be brave enough to go through with it?


I am detailed my complete journey to having Laser Eye Surgery and all the steps over the weeks to come.

But for a short summary of my Laser Eye Surgery have a read here.


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