4. Laser Eye Surgery – Free Assessment with clinics

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Laser Eye Surgery - Free Assessment

My first Laser Eye Surgery – Free Assessment that I had decided to book was with “Wellington Eye Centre”.

Firstly, I liked that they of course were in Wellington.

They had a very-very long history of Laser Eye Surgery. From what I could gather the lead surgeon Dr Andrew Logan was the first person to bring Laser Eye Surgery to NZ, 17 years ago.

Their clinic also performs other eye surgeries and deal with other eye problems… which for me helped me respect their credibility more that they knew eyes inside and out!

My second assessment I booked at the same time was with the “Fendalton Eye Clinic” which is based in Christchurch (where I have family and friends).

I had my appointment with Wellington Eye Centre first.  


August 2012

The Wellington Eye Centre was easy to find, the receptionist when I had booked gave me decent directions on the phone and after google mapping it, I recognised the building it was in and it was kinda opposite Floriditas.

I liked what I saw when I arrived, I felt comfortable straight away.

The clinic felt established, and very well organised. It was important to me that they didn’t feel like a “pop up” and that they would be there for the long haul.

They also have some sensational photography on the walls which I just simply – liked.

The Eye Technician (we will call him Theo, and also cause I can’t remember his actual name) introduced himself and we went through to an assessment room.

Theo went through questions with me initially asking about why I wanted my vision corrected, my medical history and my eye history etc…

He then talked about what he was going to do today in terms of the tests he would perform.

Theo tested what my vision was like with my glasses on…whether this was still correct for my eyes, an array of various tests involving flashing lights to check size and shapes of the corneas, pressure tests etc…

He talked me through what types of laser correction they could do (if I was a candidate) and he knew his stuff inside and out.

I felt very comfortable that the information he was giving me was spot on. I asked various questions that I had prepared earlier which he answered easily. The appointment took about 40 minutes and it was quite fun.

End result:

Theo didn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be a perfect candidate for Laser Correction.

(in short, my test were all good, so as long as the doc says yes at the next assessment should be all good).

I was impressed with Wellington Eye Centre and felt very comfortable with potentially having my future eye surgery there.


Laser Eye Surgery - Free Assessment


I had my second appointment with the Fendalton Eye Clinic.

September 2012

The Fendaton Eye Clinic run (approx once a month) assessments in various area’s outside of Christchurch, yet your surgery of course would be in Christchurch.

The assessment was in a well respected Hotel in Wellington City in one of it’s rooms. The Hotel and room was very nice and I also felt very comfortable even though it wasn’t their actual clinic.

This time the Eye technician was a woman we will call her Liz. Similar to Theo she knew her stuff inside and out and I felt comfortable with the knowledge she had.

Overall the testing procedure was a similarish process, just with slightly different machines and gadgets. The main difference being, this was a much shorter/faster assessment and they also put some drops in my eyes that numbed my eyes to do a ‘different’ type of pressure test to the one that Theo did.

End result:

Same, she didn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be a perfect candidate for Laser Correction.
(In short, I’m in there too if I want to be and he doc says yes at the next assessment).


If I’m honest, by the time I attended my Fendalton Eye Centre appointment I had probably 90% already made up my mind that I would have the surgery with Wellington Eye Centre. But I was very keen to get what I considered a 2nd opinion and importantly see if either of them said drastically different things from each other or pointed out different things, as this would have changed my decision.


Cost was going to be around $6K for both eyes, at the Wellington Eye Centre.

The Fendalton Eye Clinic was a similar cost, but of course I would need to add on also my travel costs.

I wasn’t too concerned with comparing costs, as in the grand scale of things all the clinics throughout NZ were much of muchness in cost, and cost didn’t really come into the decision.

These were my eyes and I wanted to best and didn’t matter if it was say $200 different.


Would I take the next step and book a Medical Assessment?

Was I prepared to take a step closer to having freedom from my glasses?….to be continued…


I am detailed my complete journey to having Laser Eye Surgery and all the steps over the weeks to come.

But for a short summary of my Laser Eye Surgery have a read here.



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