3. Laser Eye Surgery – Deciding to look into it for myself

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Laser Eye Surgery New Zealand

My conversations with my cousin during the Christmas Holidays in 2011 about his own Laser Eye Surgery had planted the seed for me to start looking into the options for Laser Eye Surgery finally for myself.

It’s in my basic nature to do research…

So after returning from our holidays, I set about looking into it.

I wanted to know all the in’s and outs of Laser Eye Surgery including things like:   


  • Safety
  • Success rate
  • Technology
  • How far equipment and procedures had come over the years
  • Pro’s
  • Con’s (and side effects)
  • Horror stories
  • What clinics were in Vancouver & Florida (where I had family)
  • Where the clinics were in New Zealand – Wellington & Christchurch
  • Who had the good reputations
  • Costs in NZ
  • Costs in USA & Canada + costs for travel + costs for a cool holiday


Some of the information was really…really hard to find.

I also spent a loooong time trying to find real people’s experiences!

I knew that Millions of people around the world had Laser Eye Surgery done, but could only find a small handful of people that had actually then written about it!

I was also looking for people’s independent thoughts, not just ‘quotes’ from patients listed on the clinics website.

I also wanted to hear from people that had had their Laser Eye Surgery done in NZ.  Even less people had written about that!


Laser Eye Surgery New Zealand


As much as I would have loved to have headed overseas to Canada or to the USA and tacked on a fabulous holiday to my surgery…but after doing my sums, my budget just wouldn’t stretch that far.

So I then set about narrowing down the clinics in New Zealand that I was interested in, to look into further.

From what I could find these were my top two choices for me:

* Wellington – Wellington Eye Centre

* Christchurch – Fendalton Eye Clinic

After much prayer, talking with my parents and decision making, I made the decision – finally – to call and book a free assessment – Yeah!

Excited, but also kinda scared :-{ ….to be continued here >>


I am detailed my complete journey to having Laser Eye Surgery and all the steps over the weeks to come.
But for a short summary of my Laser Eye Surgery have a read here.



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