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Being a scardey cat – going to my first #brunchclub

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It’s amazing how we can be so confident and kickass in some area’s of our lives and such a scardey cat in other area’s!

Walking into a new situation where you don’t know ANYONE is something that soooo many of us find so hard…



Having to push past my inner Scardey cat was required when deciding to go along to my first #brunchclub hosted at Loretta. I had to stop faffing about and just do it.

Why are things like this so scary sometimes?

Confirming my RSVP online initially…
I thought about it for many days first and then hovered over that button for like a whole 18 minutes, before finally just taking a breath and just hitting it (and tell myself just to make the commitment!).

Walking out my door the morning of #brunchclub, getting my butt into the car and driving to Loretta…
It would have been so easy to wimp out and head to the beach instead.

Actually getting out of the car, paying for parking (further commitment) and walking to Loretta…& then actually walking in the door and asking for ‘#brunchlub’!!!…
Walk, Fidget, smooth, re-adjust, breath, smile…
Ok…there they are..keep walking…breath…fidget…smile


Yes, excellent…

What on earth was I such a scardey cat for…getting there in whatever shape or form is so often always the hardest-hardest bit.

loretta #brunchclub
But, what I found was a fabulous long Loretta table laid out for all of us #brunchclub’ers and 5 stunning bloggers already sat at the table.

Georgina, Rhiana, Tallulah, Larissa & Bridget.

We were soon joined by Hannah, Dani, Jenna, Rochelle, Auie & Morgan.

I was comforted to know that many of us (including me):

• Had contemplated chickening out that morning and not coming…
Yup, we are all scardey cats at some point.

• Really dislike walking into a place by ourselves…

• Admitting that we often try and arrive early, so that we are first, so then people have to walk up to us…
Even though there is the awkwardness of being first and sitting alone, I know I would always prefer to be first.

loretta #brunchclub

I had some great conversations with the bloggers around me and found some fab new blogs to check out.

I really love how something like #brunchclub exposes you to Blogs that you may not have come across normally, that can pleasantly surprise you with how much you enjoy something of another genre.

It was a good chance to ask questions, talk about new things you are trying and network with other bloggers in your field of interest.  Exchange Business Cards if you have them…or on that note learn two great places to order your cards based on other bloggers experience Moo and

We ate some fabulous Loretta food, basked in the stunning decor and enjoyed exception service from our wait staff.  Would highly recommend Loretta for brunch again.

Overall it was just really cool to be amongst a group of talented Wellington based writers/bloggers, supporting each other.

I look forward to March’s #brunchclub, if your a Wellington based blogger, would you like to come along next time too? :-)

Check it out here


loretta #brunchclub

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Remembering the Christchurch Earthquake – 22nd February

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Remembering this tragic day 4 years ago in Christchurch – 22 February 2011.

Thinking so much of all my Christchurch friends, family, loved ones and the people (past & present) of Christchurch even extra more today!

I am always in awe of their ongoing strength they show through vulnerability, their perseverance through tragedy, loss and immense upheaval in their lives and the love that they share with all of those around them.

Always hopeful and excited for the future of Christchurch and all it’s amazing people, all what is to come and what they all will yet achieve.

Just seeing the amazing use of new technologies, giant leaps in building innovations, state of the art techniques and a city that will be punctuated with the memories and respect of old and what has been and the exciting future of the new makes me so proud of Christchurch.

I love you all and are sending virtual hugs to each of you.

Reading through some of the reporting today and remembrance captures my heart always.

But this story published 2 years ago and the initial mention of this little girl 4 years ago captured me probably the most out of all of the 100’s that I have read over the years:

Mother’s survival against the odds via

There were just a couple of reports at the time of a man (reported at the time) picking up the girl from under her ‘deceased’ Mother & ‘running’ full speed with her in his arms all the way to the hospital, & then a hospital report that their first patient was this man running in with her in his arms, then he took off again.

To me this just screams ‘acting on adrenaline and instinct’ – running full speed all the way from there to the hospital!.

Abbie was the the first person the hospital received with earthquake injuries that day.

Don’t know why this one stuck with me the most, but this made me bawl my eyes out at the time. I remember searching weeks latter on the internet to see if she had survived & was ok, but couldn’t find anything.

I was absolutely delighted to read a whole 2 years latter this amazing story of her survival!

To be able to read that it was hugely down to a man called Joe Roy and an Ashburton farmer and couple of boys on Skateboards + of course all of the medical team that recieved her….but then also the even more amazing survival of her Mother Olivia!!!

Unbelievably awesome miracle and they are two amazing stories of survival.
(I bawled my eyes out even more again).

Sending prayers out to the both of them for their further recovery & their families future :-)

Here is to the memories we hold today and what will come tomorrow.

Love WC xxx

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