15. Laser Eye Surgery – The most Epic day with my New Eyes!

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Laser Eye Surgery – The most Epic day with my New Eyes!

Wanaka – 27th December 2012

“An Epic day in the small history of my life”

I was the only waterskier out on the lake that morning (it was still very early).
There were no other sounds, no other distractions, just me on the water.

The water was like a mirror and the air was crisp and refreshing.

I was having a sensational ski and performing not to shabbily especially as it was my first Ski of the season (which can normally be a bit rusty like).


Laser Eye Surgery


My cuts across the wake were smooth and I was laying into my turns deaper and more fluid than they had been in years.  I was pushing myself further as I felt so comfortable out on the water.
This was the best Ski I had had in YEARS!

The conditions were awesome – BUT it was my NEW EYES that Trumpted it!

1 – I could SEE!
2 – I could see really really well!
3 – I didn’t have to think about my contact lenses or the fact I couldn’t see much.
4 – The sensation of the cool crisp air rushing past my eyes and face as I sliced across the wake to the other side knowing those three things above was absolutely awesome!

In the song of the Interislander “What a way to start a Holiday” was the theme running through my mind.

This confirmed yet again, just how blessed I felt to have been able to have my vision corrected through Laser Eye Surgery.

The first time I fell off the Ski’s, it flashed through my head for a split second (squeeze your eyes tight, and try hard not to loose your contacts) and as quick as that thought came in, was as quick as it went out…as I no longer had to worry about that – yeeha, face plant it I did.

But in saying that, I did hit the decks pretty hard on that fall slamming my head – head first into the water, your eyes still get a pumpiling and when I rose to the surface my right eye wasn’t feeling too flash.


Laser Eye Surgery


My eyes were completly healed and I was cleared to now swim so that in itself wasn’t a problem.
But if I rubbed them hard whilst I slept or pushed on the eyeball without thinking about it, they felt still slightly bruised.  So I just made sure I was ‘gentle’ with them.

So I wasn’t too suprised that slamming my face head first into water at a great speed made them feel pretty battered. But this subsided and after I sat in the water for a short while bobbing up and down I was fine and we head off again.

I was so happy to be out on the water with perfect vision!

I loved my water skiing this season (even though we skied in some fairly choppy stuff, trying to make the most of what ever water we could get some days).

I flew off my Ski’s also many more times throughout the month, even more so as we were attempting it in some pretty rough stuff some days. Some times, my eyes would be a bit tender, other times they were fine.

I didn’t loose any contacts of course as I didn’t have any in them loose.
I didn’t have to scramble to find my glasses once I got back to shore so I could see the peope in the boat and the next skiers (and remember where I had safely put them).
I could then sit on the beach with my sunglasses on too! – quite a small luxury!


Laser Eye Surgery


Things were definitely still very bright and my eyes were still having a bit of a time with the light aversion. So I did have to keep my sunglasses on right up to the point of getting my Ski’s on in the water, and then throwing them to someone on the shore. Or into the boat if we were going to be out on it for awhile while we alternated Skiers out there. The water sometimes seemed to accentuate the glare of the sun even more so. But as said previously it was a very very small price to pay.

The joy of not having to deal with contact lenses that had never been comfortable previously (so were only worn for the minimum time that I could) was unparalleled. Previously I would have either quickly putting my contacts in before we head out Skiing and I would take them out as soon as we got back to camp afterwards (if I hadn’t lost one).

Previous dealing with Contact lenses in a Camping Ground Bathroom = not so much fun!
The sinks and surfaces around them are usually wet and grubby where you want to put you case, lids and solution down onto. Alot of the soaps they provide are strongly scented or antibacterial so I would need to wash my hands, dry them really well, rinse them again to get the ‘residue’ off them before I ever wanted to touch my lenses.
So sometimes I would opt to putting them in in the caravan instead.
This was OK when you were connected to a fresh water supply as we were this year, but in previous years I wouldn’t have been able to wash my hands prior to putting them in.

I have dropped a lense in all sorts of places, when I ‘think’ I have put them into the solution in the case, but as they are so see-through, you can’t always tell especially in low light conditions. I’ve dropped them in the grubby camp ground sink. I’ve dropped them on the floor. I’ve put both lenses in one side of the case. I don’t know where some have gone :-)

I know people deal with contact lenses every day all around the world in all sorts of conditions. But I’m so glad I no longer have too.


Raft - Lake Wanaka

Raft – Lake Wanaka


Our first day in Wanaka was a scorcher. So after lunch we head down to the beach front for a cool off swim and to be able to swim out to the Raft for the first time that year. I could see. I could leap off the raft and it didn’t matter.

Anytime I jumped back in the water for a swim throughout our whole holiday, I was reminded just how cool this was.

“That having my eyes corrected gave me a freedom to leap whenever I wanted, and not have to think about it first”.

I did have to wear my sunglasses pretty much all day, and even sometimes into the early hours of the evening when it was dusk and we were all still outside. In the early evening I would swap over to my lighter pair. The reason for that is that Camp Ground of cause is grass that dries out more as the summer goes on and dirt roads around past the camp sites. So there would be dust and grit and grass flying around at different times. I was very conscious about not getting anything into my eye unnecessarily so took precautions throughout the day.

I also never knew how helpful sunglasses could be while camping.

Get out of bed in the morning….throw your hoody on…sunnies…grab your gear for the shower and walk across the camp to the toilet block to have a shower without having to even look in the mirror to dig the sleep out of eyes or try to massage that pillow seam line away from your face. When I wore prescription glasses, in the mornings it was glasses on or trip over on the way to the bathroom.

I also never really new the benefit of wearing my dark glasses and being able to look at something or someone as I went past to ‘appreciate it/them’ without being obvious that you are ‘looking’ at them or it. 😉

We had such a fabulous holiday, spent time with so many amazing people and did so many adventurous things. Some that involved my eyes being used. Other times just experiencing those things ‘looking’ through my new eyes without glasses was brilliant.

AJ Hackett Bungy, Kawarau, Queenstown - 2013

AJ Hackett Bungy, Kawarau, Queenstown – 2013

I got to watch my daughter Miss 13 leap off a 43 metre bridge attached to a few bits of elastic and come hurtling towards me with perfect vision!
She was Bungy Jumping for the first time with AJ Hackett Bungy and she wanted me at the bottom platform where the boat boys haul you in, so I watched/videoed from there. It was awesome. She wasn’t even nervous and didn’t even hesitate and thought it totally rocked!
I was fortunate enough to have bungy jumped myself at a young age like her, about 22 years ago in that very same spot, which was before I required my glasses otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to see what I was hurtling towards!


What would you look forward to doing – without the need for glasses?
Water Ski?…Scuba Dive?…Sky Dive?…or simply go to a 3D Movie?…


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  1. Jodi says:

    Wow what a great article! I loved it. The pictures are amazing also. The scenery is so pretty. I think it is very brave you got laser eye surgery. That must have been scary. Glad everything was okay though and it was successful. Your article made me realize how much we take for granted sometimes.


    • Wellington Chic says:

      Thanks Jodi. Wanaka is one of the most amazing places in New Zealand, I look forward to trying to improve on my photography alot when we holiday there again this year.
      The thought of having Laser Eye Surgery is scarier than the actual doing! Not even 1/2 as as bad as you think it could be. Delighted I finally got it done.

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