Easter Sunday – present presence 

“May you know the present presence of The Lord God Almighty & that you are loved beyond measure…yesterday…today…& forever”

That is the message that resonted with me this morning as we celebrate the day Jesus has risen Easter Sunday.

Its what I hope for each & everyone of you that reads this :-)


Wellington Chic x


The Bachelor NZ WHOA Rose Ceremony denial

• Eating Croissants in Safety helmets  • Crash course in driving a Manual
• Go halves on a baby  • Dani’s exceptional facial expressions
• Chrystal marks her territory  • Danielle. L exits rose ceremony stage right

The Bachelor NZ WHOA Rose Ceremony denialSource


Definition: To express surprise or astonishment…

This all surmising kiwi expression escaped the mouth of our hunky bachelor Arthur Green tonight…

The biggest talk of the night on social media (bar the cricket) was The Bachelor NZ WHOA Rose Ceremony denial by Danielle. L.

But lets start in the beginning…as there was so much small New Zealand drama packed into The Bachelor NZ hour tonight!

We pick up where we left off from last week with Non Photoshopped Roses and just how funny Farts are…back on the lawn with the women of The Mansion.

Matilda takes the first one on one out and it starts off in true kiwi chic fashion with Miss Matilda driving to her own date! Whooohooo.

The Bachelor NZ WHOA Rose Ceremony denialSource

I loved it, there was a bit of negative chat on twitter about this, but I think it was awesome.  I like that we are doing things different both big and small in New Zealand version and that yup, we simply drive to our own date!

Took me back to the 80’s though leaving the window down and car unlocked as they walked away topped it off #OldSchoolKiwi.

Probs also keys in the ignition in-case Aunty Peggy needed to use it while you they were gone to pop down to butcher as she had run out of cat meat – maybe ;-)

Bungying off the Harbour Bridge is on my Bucket List, so I would have been all keen for this date…well until it came down to actually doing it…then I wold have been getting a bit chicken…but would have given myself a good talking too inside my head that I just…

…might as well jump…jump…jump…go ahead and jump…Van Halen anyone?

There was no question that Matilda wasn’t going to jump, she was into it and off, yay!  I was singing Van Halen as she stepped up to the platform and launched off.

The Bachelor NZ Matilda bungySource

I really like Matilda and I think her and Art get on nicely…but I just wonder (in my wonderer) are their interactions just too nicey nicey?  I kinda hope it still stays nicey nicey, but a bit more….I don’t know I can’t explain it…you know what I mean.

What Matilda said about “watch how a man treats his Mother and his sister because it shows his respects for women” being so important was completely on point and great advice from Matilada’s mother (thanks Mom, you rock) for all women to hear New Zealand wide!

Who knew eating Croissants could be such a dangerous New Zealand pass time…I know accidents do happen, but wonder how many cases are on file on ACC’s books for flying croissants?
I know, health and safety on the bridge, yadda yadda…

I was thinking there may not be many dates you go on where you keep your helmet on…

…but then thought actually I’m wrong…New Zealand is an adventurous country…Canyoning, Rafting, Snowboarding dates would all be with said helmet…followed by a sweaty haired, helmet strapped marked forehead at the end when you take it off – awww cute…but fun dates to go on :-)

The Bachelor NZ advice from Matildas mumSource

Although then ‘Mom’ in me comes out…and it really gets to me when people don’t wear their helmets properly on their head.

I mean come on New Zealand we all had the lovely helmet lady come and speak at our School growing up….?  Right?

Don’t you remember…it has to be on straight, sitting down on the front of your forehead not at the back, and fastened firmly.  She was such a warrior the Helmet Lady…she did a lot for teenagers helmet safety and I have no doubt she saved many of our lives and from worse injuries to our noggins because of her talks.  :-)

I’m not on The Bachelor NZ so I’m not in their shoes…but I can only ‘imagine’ that its easy to think…oh it will be fine if The Bachelor is off dating other girls getting close to them when you ‘sign up’ for the show as you feel confident in yourself etc…
But when you’re actually there, its in front of you, you are hearing about it its a whole other level that you can’t replicate until you are in it.  So kinda understandable that a few of them are getting the wobbles and feeling uncertain.

I like kissing, I like kissing alot…but I quite like that Art hasn’t yet been kissing up a storm…it feels like he’s showing restraint and acting a little bit gentlemanly…or maybe he keeps having a warm-fish-milkshake for lunch…who knows…it could be true…I mean Paleo…maybe that would be a warm-mince-milkshake???

The group date head off to the hills with Brigette, Carissa, Kristie, Amanda & Alyssa.

I love these dates, man a bit of Rally driving would be right up my alley…rule in my house was you could learn to drive in an automatic to sit your licence, but soon after we had to learn to drive a manual so we always ‘could’ then drive a manual no matter what the situation…

…so if I needed to steal a Tank to storm the castle and save Brad Pitt or help drive the volunteer Fire Truck on New Years eve as I was the only sober driver, then I could (didn’t happen, but kinda very nearly did ;-))

The Bachelor NZ driving a manual

Source Source Source
…aaahhh, my tank & my ice cream truck don’t line up at the bottom, oh well too late now…

My older brother taught me to do hill starts in a manual car on a Boat ramp…yup…he was sure I would nail it so we didn’t go sailing back into the water…he was right…I nailed it within inches of rolling back into the water!
(hey, we would have only gone up to the footwells if we did end up in it, low tide in the estuary at Manaco that day ;-)

Carissa and Brigette I think you girls totally rock, but I hope that some hot Driving Instructor gifts you lessons after this so you can further learn to master the art of driving a manual…so then you can buy an Ice cream truck…and drive it around Auckland to all The Bachelor NZ viewing parties and I can follow you round in my Tank I ‘borrowed’ from Kim Dotcom and drive over smart cars and stuff.

Or you could steal a Fire Truck…or pretend you Kurt Russell in Backdraft do people remember that movie?

Kinda pleased that Kristie won this challenge as she went hard on this one and nailed the rally driving.

I love how they are styling the Mansions gardens for the Cocktail parties, it just looks so pretty.  Going to sound like a Nana, but ‘gosh…haven’t they been lucky with the weather’ – true story.

Brigette, I really really like you, there is something about you which I can’t quite put my finger on, but I think you rock and I think you are really quite funny…even if you don’t know it!

Poppy I missed you this episode, but you killed it with “Arthur wanna go 1/2’s in a baby”, crack up.

I know it probably is, but did Art seem really awkward with all his one on one time with the women tonight at the cocktail party?

The Bachelor NZ Danis facial expressionsSource

Holding the train of Amanda’s dress for her, cute and exceptionally nice manners son.

I kept seeing on Twitter talk of the Orange Dress Conspiracy…I don’t know what that is, but will go a hunting once I post this to check it out???  Do you know anything about it?

Dani your facials are absolutely the best, exceptional even, can’t wait to see more, hehe.  So expressive, love it.

I know there is going to be some awesome Meme’s come out for those.

Outfits I’m loving tonight:

Matilda rocking the white dress and classic hair

Shivani, that Blue is absolutely stunning on you.

Kristie, I don’t love Orange normally, but golly gosh this suits you so much.

At The Iconic NZ you can get

At The Iconic you can save 15% Off full priced items like The Bachelorette’s Dresses!  Coupon Code COMFAC15SL
(excluding Converse, G-star raw, Nike, Sass&Bide, Tony Bianco and Jets) Min. spend $79 until 4/05/2015

The Bachelor NZ Whoa rose ceremony denialSource

Chrystal, what can I say…hmmm…I wonder if you are really as ‘bad’ as the show edits you and the backlash you are getting on social media…

I wonder if you’re putting on a bit of a show maybe because overall your feeling defensive, so you feel like balancing that with going on the attack and needing to mark your territory?…I don’t know just trying to work you out.

…but go carefully girl, or you my push too far and being openly not respectful back to the other girls will eventually come apparent to Art to.

This guy has got a fantastic Mom and 6 awesome sisters…it will be essential that you can make those female relationships work as otherwise I don’t think you will stand a chance long term.  I don’t know, I wonder if its an indicator of how this could go, based on how you interact with the other women in the house now?

I kinda wanna tell you to just relax, be mindful of yourself and the other women.

The Iconic Sale The Bachelor NZ Dresses

So far I feel like Art likes the idea of Chrystal…but I’m not really seeing an actual romantic connection…although I’m probably wrong…and shes probably it…but I don’t think so…but maybe…but no…I don’t know what I’m talking about…

Guess what, I didn’t really think this would happen, but I’m actually quite liking each and every one of the girls.

They are so far generally respectful of each other, quite relaxed, seem to kinda get on OK with each other…

…yes it’s only early days, but I think I would happily hang out with all of them in the house…maybe even on the lawn…maybe without the bikini on a cloudy day…but in my onesie…my hair in a topknot…a chocolate fondue fountain…and with a blankie!  I would share – maybe.

The Bachelor NZ Whoa rose ceremony denialSource

Rose ceremony…dun dun duuuunnn!

I could only watch out of the corner of my eye as was in the middle of other stuff so had to re-watch it latter to look for Rugs!

Still so many rugs…is it too late for me to refer them to Kevin Milnes lot to lay some plain carpet the lot with a nice red carpet landing strip?

Anyway on with the dun dun duuuuuunnnnn – Danielle. L

Oh no…first…I just love how Poppy says Arthurs name in the ceremony!

…right back to Danielle. L

The first in the world (If twitter is to be believed) the first The Bachelor NZ Whoa Rose Ceremony denial.

Yeah I know…

…yadda yadda yadda, twitters all a talk about criminal convictions yadda yadda yadda…and we may never know if what she said about not feeling it and the age difference is genuinely why she left.

But I’m gonna take it at face value and appreciate her honesty in this situation and respect her for that.

Art’s Whoa, was kinda sad and cute all at the same time.

Yup, it’s reality TV, yup things are edited and a bit planned sometimes…but I feel like Rosie’s exit and Danielle. L’s exit is keeping it real and kinda unique in the kiwi way of doing what needs to be done.

Last week Poppy’s Fart was heard all round the nation, reported on by News agencies around the WORLD and dubbed #fartgate…

…this week its Art’s ‘Whoa’ is heard all round the nation…

Roll on tomorrow night I say :-)

…just don’t leave Poppy…

What did you think?
Do you like the Kiwi-ness of the the dates?
Who’s your front runners?


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#brunchclub Bloggers are all so different

What I love is that #brunchclub Bloggers are all so different…and each one of us is diverse both in our Blog and in our lives.

#brunchclub Bloggers
This is a fabulous bunch of women (men are welcome) whom I may not have ever met, in my normal daily life, because our lives lead such different paths.

But that is exactly why it is so cool.

I’m ‘old’, I have a teenager and I write about Parenting and a whole lot of other palava like random post about The Bachelor NZ and Mud Races

If I’m honest I’m old enough nearly to be some of these women’s Mother! NB: That’s a dig at just how old I am, not how young they are ;-)

But with that said, that’s why it is so great – that we are all so different.

I find the conversations really interesting, engaging, varied and I learn a little something from each one of these talented writers.

#brunchclub Bloggers are all so different
It doesn’t matter who we are, where we have come from or even really what we blog about, we are here for one common goal ~ our love of Blogging.

With that we all come to #brunchclub with our strengths and weaknesses.

Yes its cool when two similar types of bloggers come together as maybe that will mean they may be able to collaborate in future or share tips etc…

But I learn just as much from talking to a Makeup Blogger as I do off a Travel Blogger as I do off a Food Blogger :-)

That’s also what I love about the connections you make online with other Bloggers, sure some are in your genre, but often they are not, but something clicked and you get on like a house on fire.

drexels breakfast restaurant wellingtoThis months #brunchclub was at the famous Drexels Breakfast Restaurant on Waring Taylor Street.

A unique place as they serve Breakfast ALL DAY (well from really early in the morning til 2pm)… and have been around in New Zealand for 25 years with its roots in Christchurch.

They say they are an American Diner experience with a Kiwi twist and that’s a perfect way to describe exactly what you experience when you dine here.

Heading to #brunchclub this morning I was not quite the same Scardey Cat as I was last month, but if I’m honest I was still a bit nervous about it and made sure I was there nice an early (a tip from my previous post).

I head in and arrived at the same time as the lovely Dani from Dani Pohlod and we were quickly joined by Kahurangi from xox Bubbles whom I hadn’t met before but recognised instantly from her Facebook profile (which always feels a bit weird when you recognise someone, but don’t actually know them).

Drexels is unique, as you go in off the street and head down under street level to their Restaurant, something that doesn’t happen very often in Wellington!

#brunchclub Bloggers are all so different
It was absolutely chocka block with people and they were spilling out the seams, they have quite a large seated waiting area and we filled that up and then some with around 15 people waiting.

There were kids and kids and more kids and even though I have a kid/teen myself, I wondered if this amount of kids would do my head in.

Morgan from Hyacinth Girl, Georgina from Baby Rebel Blog arrived and we were soon ushered to our table.

We were offered COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE pretty much as soon as we sat down.  Or in my case a Mango Fruit smoothie – yummo.

I’m pleased to say that once seated we were all spaced out enough I didn’t even notice the kids anymore and even though the noise level of the place was quite high, it wasn’t too hard to talk.

Emma from Muffin Mum, Hannah from Mind the Crumbs, ZaretteJenna from The Adventures of Jenjaroo and Alice from NINETYNINECLUB soon joined us to complete our group.

We got to hear a little about the inaurgural Palmerston North #brunchclub that happened yesterday which some of the women had driven up for to attend and they had rave reviews.

It was exciting to hear that another #brunchclub is up and running and the idea that started not that long ago by these fabulous women is not only spreading its wings even further, but is helping bring together, network, build relationship and help inspire us all in our Blogging journey.

drexels breakfast restaurant wellington
I hope we may have some cross over Wellington / Palmerston North events in future.

If you want to join #brunchclub you can do so from their website here and then join the #brunchclub Facebook group also.

Our wait staff at Drexels were very really friendly, attentive and happily fueling our coffee drinkers habits consistently with the equivalent of a Coffee IV drip to their delight.

Like Loretta’s last month there were so many things on the menu I could have chosen, but settled on the Drexels Breakfast Treat with Pancakes, Fresh Fruit and extra side of Bacon and Real Canadian Maple Syrup.

My breakfast was excellent, super tasty and really fulling, the extra side of Bacon was delicious and well worth the add as there was lots of it, it had hardly any fat on it (that you normally need to cut off) and was cooked perfectly crispy but not burnt.  The pancakes were thick, fluffy and delicious.

Only feedback would be, if I’m ordering extra special Canadian Maple Syrup for an extra $2.50, I am going to expect a much larger jug than what came on my plate.  In my mind Pancakes need to be swimming in Maple syrup and this was definitely not enough for even 1/2 a pancake.  But I topped them off with the free Maple Syrup on the table and just simply wouldn’t bother with ordering the real Canadian Maple Syrup next time.

drexels breakfast restaurant wellington
Everyone’s food looked delicious, I saw a mix of waffles, French Toast and Omelettes.
A couple of our Bloggers are Gluten Free and they were well catered for being able to choose just about anything off the menu and be served it in a Gluten free way.

Our conversations at #brunchclub are very informal and truth be told aren’t particularly bloggy-fied. A little bit of light conversation around moving to self hosting, disclosure policies and working with brands, and topics that could maybe be covered on future #nzbloggers Sunday night chats.

But I don’t mind that.  Yes, I would be keen to do more workshop based metups too like they offer for #Laptopclub in Auckland, but I’m happy that #brunchclub is more about Networking and building friendships with other bloggers in a light informal way.  I find it just encouraging to my blogging to go along.

The place emptied out a little after a while and that made it easier to talk across the table, whereas beforehand you could only really talk to you neighbours and those across from you.

I’m so glad I was brave and went along to my 2nd #brunchclub and I know I will be keen and on the look out for the next one.

I look forward to meeting more and more bloggers whom I wouldn’t have normally met and forming relationships that are way beyond who you are just in our blogs.

Have you met people from different walks of life through Blogging…Twitter…Facebook etc…?

What do you love most about some of the groups you have joined?

The Bachelor NZ Farts are Funny

• Old School Sea Planes  • Farts  • Super Marble crashes  • Waiter summoning  • Stubble talking and even more Rugs!

The Bachelor NZ – Wednesday night

Any guy can take you on a date on a Helicopter…but how much cooler is it to go #OldSchool and get to your date in a Sea Plane!

the bachelor nz sea planeImage Sources as ref individually below

So pleased that Art picked Poppy to go on the 1st date, especially after Poppy was recorded saying she would be “…so jealous of the girl that gets to go on the 1st date…” and it was her anyway :-)

Art and Poppy’s first date (and first date of the Season) was a nice gentle way to ease into things.

the bachelor nz sea plane  the bachelor nz sea plane  the bachelor nz sea plane

A true Kiwi Date of Kayaking, lounging on the Beach, Skimming Stones and hunting in Rock Polls.  Sure not glamorous or High end, but in all honesty a cool day out just hanging out.

Part way through the date as Poppy is walking up to sit down beside him she lets out a squeaky FART or two!

This was pure Gold!

Who knew that on The Bachelor NZ Farts are appreciated :-)

Love-love-loved it, love then how she owned it, how casual she was about it and had a laugh at herself.  Art took it completely in his stride and found it funny.

Farts are always funny!

the bachelor nz fartsSource

After last nights whirlwind of Evening Dresses, Cocktail parties and intense Rugs it was really nice seeing the Women more relaxed today, more casually dressed and overall seeming more natural.

The group date saw a plethora or colour, Race day outfits and floppy hats…so I was truly delighted to see they were then going to get thrown about in a Jet Boat and get their hair messed up a bit.

Anyone who has been on a Donut before with their brothers driving knows you can have some spectacular crashes on these things!  They can leave your head ricocheting for days and your body feel like its been through the tumble dryer.  But they are also a whole lotta fun.

This Super Marble inflatable was going pretty fast with Danielle. L and Crystal in it, but I’m also kinda glad they were wiped out as that is also 1/2 of the fun :-)

the bachelor nz date cardSource

I missed most of Dani’s one on one time on the Jetski with Art, but from the jist of things afterwards it seemed like it must have gone fairly well.

After playtime on the Launch while they were having a few drinks Kristie K took a risk by ‘summoning’ Art like a Waiter…while he was in mid conversation from across the deck to refill her glass.

Some guys might take this as confidence and messing around…but I didn’t get the feeling it went down to well.

Art’s Stubble did the talking and came out for the first time at the Cocktail party before the Rose ceremony tonight and I for one will admit I appreciated its appearance ;-)

Cue one super awkward interruption by Natalie, who I felt so bad for, as I really like her and I think she is so genuine and wouldn’t have intentionally interrupted at that time.

I’m sure I spotted even MORE rugs in the picture at the Rose ceremony!  Come on, how can you walk in heels on all those layers?

the bachelor nz rose ceremonySource

Natasha, I was sad to see you go, as I liked you alot.

Loved the top part of Danielle. L dress she looked stunning in it and it really suited her.

danielle l dress new bloom maxi dress  danielle l dress new bloom maxi dress

Shop the Look – Danielle L was wearing the keepsake the label – New Bloom Maxi Dress (*Affiliate link) which can be found here at The Iconic (*Affiliate link) AU$159.95

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(excluding Converse, G-star raw, Nike, Sass&Bide, Tony Bianco and Jets) Min. spend $79.

Both Miss 14 and I loved Poppy’s whole look for the ceremony of the slicked hair and ponytail together with her outfit.

the bachelor nz poppySource

What did you think of The Bachelor NZ tonight?

Have you ever Farted on a 1st date or done something super embarrassing?


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♥ Alex Kasey writes for The Spinoff and talks about who she thinks has the best chances in ‘The Bachelor Nz Power Rankings Week One’ here.

My favourite #TheBachelorNZ tweets tonight:



Violet Box Subscribe

The Bachelor NZ – Our Roses not Photoshopped

Do you think our Roses missed out on getting the Photoshop treatment?

The American version of The Bachelor surely must Photoshop…CGI…or starch their near perfect Roses?

The Bachelor NZImage Sources as ref individually below

But what I liked about The Bachelor NZ roses is they looked real :-)

Different sizes, some tightly woven, some in fuller bloom, some petals wilting a little and some even looking a little squished at the bottom of the pile.

It’s how I think of the awesome women of New Zealand, all of us so different from each other, but all still beautiful.

the bachelor rosesAmerican Roses – Source

the bachelor nz rosesNew Zealand Roses – Source

A while ago, I would never have admitted to anyone that I liked watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette American TV show…but I seriously do.

The excitement of meeting someone new, dating, falling in love, a sprinkling of sensational dates in equally stunning locations…what’s not to enjoy!

Yes, I know, reality tv, drama, producers produce the tv outcome…ehhh so what, it’s entertaining.

Yes I know it’s not rocket science…but I like happy endings…and middles…and beginnings for that matter too.

I hoped that The Bachelor NZ would make a good job of reproducing it here.

Have to say I’m pleasantly surprised so far :-)

Being a sucker for twinkly fairy lights so maybe I’m blinded by them, but I think the production of the show has been done well.  It doesn’t look like it’s been done with No. 8 wire and a camcorder in Aunty Annie’s backyard.

fairy lightsSource

I love that they have a super quirky mix of women in the house that have such varied jobs, interests and talents.  Love that there is Acordian players, Rugby playing Dancers, Mum’s, Iron Man’ers and more that I lost track of.

Arthur Green – I like him…from what we have seen he comes across down to earth, genuine and loves his family.

He has 6 fabulous sisters so whats not to love about that!

He could pull off being Ido Drent’s voice double and he is rocking some really nice hands too… (that observation was way before he did his one handed clap thing! – weird!)

Art is younger than I thought they would cast at 26, but he’s pulling off 26 well and seems to genuinely know what he is looking for at this stage of his life.

Is it weird that I have never heard the name Arthur shortened to Art!  I think it’s kinda awesome.

To the fabulous Women of the Show

I like sooo many of them.

Those that made the most impression on me were:

• Natasha
• Kristie K

Lisa (I remember liking her as the Wildcard on MoreFm)
• Michelle was funny

I think it’s great that Rosie was honest and knew it wasn’t for her and made her exit.

Being swayed easily by gorgeous sparkly things, there were some sensational dresses sashaying along the red carpet tonight.

Danielle rocking that super cute Red cross layered short dress.

Natalie’s gorgeous Navy dress that suited her so well with the subtle sheer crossovers, flowing skirt and diamond cut out back.

Amanda’s stunning sparkly Blue dress was just that, stunning.

Danielle. L The Bachelor NZ

danielle l dress lucy tulip dress

Shop the Look – Danielle L was wearing the Forcast – Lucy Tulip Dress, available here at The Iconic (*Affiliate link) AU$89.95

Natalie The Bachelor NZSource

Amanda The Bachelor NZSource

My biggest concern of the whole night…

…The trip hazards in the Rose Ceremony!

Now that’s the Mom and Health & Safety rep for my work coming out in me ;-)

Multiple rugs overlapping and a red carpet on top…and candles on the edges!

Just look at that hooked up edge near the middle bottom of the photo…It’s just asking for a high heeled toe to snag it and down she goes…I wonder what burning roses smell like?

The Bachelor NZ RugsSource

I’m just itching to straighten it.

So I’m looking forward to next week.

Did you watch?
Did you find any other ;-) health and safety issues?
Will you be tuning in again?

I know a few other bloggers may be blogging along about The Bachelor, so will link them in when I find them here:

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 My favourite Tweets of the night:

NB: Image sources are all screenshots of The Bachelor NZ on demand which can be viewed here

Follow all The Bachelor NZ tweets here via the hashtag #TheBachelorNZ